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5 reasons why JetMenu is the best mega menu plugin for Elementor

Stop looking for the best mega menu plugin for Elementor, since there is no better one than JetMenu by Crocoblock. It may sound too abrupt, but let us explain why most Elementor page builder users agree with us. 


There are two widgets contained in JetMenu which allow you to create Vertical Mega Menu and Horizontal Mega Menu. Have a look at the samples to be conscious about how your menu might look like.

Mega Menu widget
Content variety

Create a mega menu and fill it up with the different types of content starting from simple text and ending with animation, maps, videos, audios, contact forms etc. Read the following tutorial to find out how to create a menu similar to the sample one. 

Mobile Menu

JetMenu plugin is highly responsive and the menus created with its help can be demonstrated on different displays with diverse resolutions. Watch the video to learn how to turn a website menu into a mobile one.

Style presets

You can create your own style presets which means you make up a set of styling settings for your menu and save it. Use it later by applying to different menu locations with no need to copy the settings manually. Watch the video to find out how to work with presets.

WooCommerce integration

Due to JetMenu’s ability to contain whatever content you need, you can also exhibit shop products to be bought right away. Convenient, isn’t it? 

Now you can clearly see that all doors are open for you with JetMenu plugin. So don’t hesitate to try


  1. James

    Hi, is it possible to configure the drop downs to open on click instead of hover? Similar to how you have your own mega menu configured on crocoblock[dot]com for the option “Products” (in the top left on desktop view). The mega menu opens on click. I think that is excellent UX.

  2. Макс

    Очень жаль, что нет возможности переставить бургер мобильного меню в произвольное место (например в шапке) и зафиксировать там. Например, через отдельный виджет.
    А стандартный бургер, который катается при скролинге – вовсе отключить.

    1. croco-admin

      Hi, Maxim!

      There is a Hamburger Panel widget included in JetBlocks plugin, which you can apply to any part of your website including header!

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