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JetThemeWizard. Install Everything at Once Easily!

Our brand new JetThemeWizard plugin for extra simple installation is finally out in the world!

A little background to this: it was noticed, that there were many questions about theme, plugin and skins installation. There was also a huge pile of questions about Kava Child theme. And, of course, there were people who asked if the demo content will affect their already existing content.

To make everything clear and for better convenience of our clients we improved the installation process, and right now you can install Kava theme, apply a Child theme, install all the required and recommended plugins and select the skin in one smooth set of steps, that are really easy to follow for everyone!

The only thing that is required to do is to install JetThemeWizard plugin (it can be found in Downloads under the Super Easy Installation block) and use the license key to start the installation.

Here is a video presentation that shows how the Wizard works, and how smooth the installation is! And here you’ll also find the quick overview of Crocoblock Dashboard. Maybe this will also be helpful if you’re new to WordPress and Crocoblock.

Whoosh! – and Crocoblock products are installed in a matter of several minutes!

This is really convenient for people who want to install everything at once and keep their time for more interesting things while JetThemeWizard does its work!

Hoping you’ll like the installation as much as we do! It’s really very easy!