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Meet JetProductGallery with 4 Powerful Gallery Widgets for WooCommerce Product Page Templates

There are lots of different means of making the WooCommerce Single product page way more attractive to future prospects.

You might even have contemplated and tried using many of them, yet if your products still don’t have a decent galley, you might as well forget about launching a successful online store.


It’s highly important for the product to have a gallery in order to let the visitors get an impression of its key features. All of us are highly susceptible to purchasing products that have high-quality photo presentations and video overviews.

Here comes JetProductGallery plugin with its 4 powerful gallery widgets, providing an ultimate toolkit for creating Single product galleries. Here you can find such widgets as Gallery Anchor Navigation, Gallery Grid, Gallery Modern and Gallery Slider. Each one is unique and gets you one more step closer to your goal of creating even more vivid and powerful content for your WooCommerce products.

Once you’ve installed JetProductGallery plugin, you’ve got access to these 4 widgets when editing WooCommerce Single Product page templates either with Elementor Pro or with JetWooBuilder.

In our overview, we’ll be showing the process of adding these widgets to Single product page template created with JetWooBuilder, but you can add them to the product page created with Elementor Pro as well.

Adding a Single Product Page Template

  1. First, make sure that you’ve got at least one product made with WooCommerce and there’s JetWooBuilder plugin installed.Please, navigate to the Products tab and here open one of the products for editing. Here you’ll see an extra Jet Product Gallery Video block on the right.
  2. Feel free to select the video type you want (YouTube, Vimeo or Self-hosted), choose a placeholder and then aвв an URL for the video, or choose one from the media library if you’ve got a video uploaded.
  3. Don’t hesitate to add more images to Product Gallery block. Use the ones already in the Media library or upload them from your hard drive.
  4. After that save the changes and navigate to WooCommerce > JetWoo Templates block.
  5. Click Add New Template button and select the pre-designed template you’d like to use for a Single template.
  6. Enter the new template’s name and click Create Template button to proceed to Elementor page builder.
  7. When the page builder has opened scroll the widgets block down and locate JetProductGallery block with 4 widgets within it. Now you can drag and drop any of these widgets to add more imagery to any of your WooCommerce products.

Gallery Anchor Navigation Overview

This widget allows adding a full presentation of the product in the form of an easily scrollable vertical layout with the stickup controls that help switch between the images.

The video overview of the product can be showcased within the Gallery Anchor Navigation widget as well.

Another cool option is a Zoom view that allows the visitors to view the product’s images in the zoom mode when hovering over one of the images in the gallery.

One of the key options that are provided within this widget is the Gallery option, that provides a smoothly looking stylish gallery that can be opened once the visitor clicks the corresponding icon. You can switch between the images once the galley opens, and zoom the images to view them. There’s also the fullscreen mode.

Gallery Grid Overview

The Gallery Grid widget is the must-have widget for creating a gallery when you want all the product images to be visible at once.

Here you can as well add a video overview of the product and enable autoplay option for it, use the Gallery option to let the visitors view the products in more details in fullscreen mode and switch between them using navigation arrows.

When you use the Gallery Grid widget, you can always adjust the number of columns in which the images are to be shown to get the most effective layout.

Gallery Modern Overview

The Gallery Morden widget is a bit similar to the Gallery Grid, yet it’s different in the layout. This widget allows arranging the product images in the form of a chess-like gallery with the larger and smaller images being shown in turns.

The Gallery Modern widget is very alike to the Gallery Grid, yet when Gallery Grid widget allows selecting the number of columns in which the images are to be arranged, the Modern Gallery provides only one column for the images.

Gallery Slider Overview

The Gallery Slider widget is the magic key to your prospect’s attention in case you want to show off the product images in the form of a slider that is to showcase not only related photos, but the video as well.

This widget also has the Gallery option for viewing the gallery in the fullscreen mode.

Another great thing about it is that it’s more compact than other widgets, and has navigation elements making it possible to switch between the slides. The pagination and navigation elements can be positioned in different ways, and the slider’s direction can be switched from horizontal to vertical as well.

Being the strictly visual plugin, JetProductGallery offers a smart approach to delivering information, making it possible to showcase the goods in the most attractive way. Use JetProductGallery to boost your sales and make the product pages even more powerful.