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How to Create a Horizontal Product Images Slider with JetProductGallery

Reading this tutorial will help you to customize the horizontal layout of the product images using JetProductGallery plugin for Elementor editor.

As you might know, JetProductGallery is a great plugin for showcasing WooCommerce Products. Generally, it provides a toolkit for creating attractive layouts.

From this tutorial, you will learn how to create a horizontal product images slider. So, let’s start!

Creating a horizontal product images slider with JetProductGallery

Step 1 — First of all, open in Elementor the template to which you want to add the Gallery Slider widget.

Step 2 — Afterward, find Gallery Slider widget in the Elements panel and drag it to a suitable location.

Gallery slider widget of JetProductsGallery plugin

Step 3 — Then, on the left sidebar, you’ll see General Settings section in which you have to input a Product ID. To do that, you need to navigate to your Products list, select a certain product, copy its ID number and paste it to this field.

General content settings in Gallery slider widget

Step 4 — In order to create a horizontal images slider, you should navigate to Slider block and in the Pagination subblock, you will see Direction option. Here you can select a Horizontal type of the slider.

Slider content settings in Gallery slider widget

By adding some style settings you can make your product slider ever more attractive.

Step 5 — When you’re done with all customizations, click Publish button and view the results.

Now you know how to create a horizontal product images slider with the help of the JetProductGallery plugin.