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How to enable or disable the specific widgets and effects in JetTricks plugin

After reading this tutorial you will get to know how to enable or disable the specific widgets and effects in JetTricks plugin.

JetTricks plugin is great for adding visual effects without any coding skills. It allows you to use a parallax effect, creating the unfolded columns effect, adding sticky elements and the hotspot markers. The plugin is easy to use, it’s really helpful in adding visualization tricks whenever it is needed to enrich a webpage with stylish animation effects.

However, sometimes you don’t use some of the widgets and effects of the plugin for your project, so you can temporary disable them. Also, some widgets and effects are already disabled and you can’t use them, so you need to turn them on. Moreover, disabling some widgets can be useful when you face problems with the slow loading of Elementor.

In this tutorial, we are going to find out how to enable or disable not necessary widgets and effects in JetTricks plugin.

Managing JetTricks widgets and effects

Step 1 — Open your WordPress Dashboard and go to Elementor> JetTricks Settings directory.

JetTricks settings

Step 2 — Here you can see the list of all the Available Widgets sand Available Extensions which you can tick in order to disable/enable any widget and effect if needed.

Let’s have a closer look on Available Widgets and Available Extensions. Available Widgets consists of Hotspots, Unfold and Read More widgets.

Hotspots add markers which point out important parts of the image.

You can use Unfold widget when you don’t want all the content to be seen at once.

In case you need to minimize the content added into the section, you can use Read More widget. It allows to hide extra content and makу it visible only after clicking the button.

JetTricks settings

In Available Extensions, you can see Parallax Widget Extension, Satellite Widget Extension, and Tooltip Widget Extension.

With Parallax your page will be enriched with animation.

Satellite and Tooltip add a textual or image element before or after the content.

Step 3 — Don’t forget to click the Save button in order not to lose the changes.

Now you have only the plugins and effects you need to use in your current project. Also, you can disable and enable widgets not only for JetTricks, but also for other Jet Plugins.