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JetEngine: How to Enable Users to Specify Numbers in the Form

This tutorial explains how to enable users to specify numbers in the form using JetEngine plugin.

To create a Form you’ll need a JetEngine plugin. JetEngine plugin provides functionality for creating custom post types, custom taxonomies, custom meta boxes and order forms.
With Forms of JetEngine you can easily create different types of forms, customize them and add to your website.

From this tutorial, you will learn how to enable users to specify numbers in the form. So, let’s have a closer look at this process.

Specifying numbers in the Form

Step 1 — First of all, navigate to JetEngine > Forms tabs and click Add New option to proceed. You’ll see Enter title field where you have to define the custom form’s title. You will have access to Field Settings, Notification Settings, and Message Settings below.

Step 2 — After that, open Field Setting. In the Type field choose Number option. This type allows you to add the field with quantity section.

For example, you have a website for a cafe, and you want to create a form where visitors will be able to order a table. Number field allows your users to choose the number of people per table, so you’ll know how many people will come and which table you must order for them.

Step 3 — Also, in the Field Settings, you need to adjust Name, Label, Description, Min Value (min capacity of people per table), and Max Value (max capacity of people per table). Then, click Apply Changes and Publish button to save your Form.

Step 4 — Afterward, you have to choose a Page or Post to which you want to add your Form and click Edit with Elementor. After this, find Form widget in the Elements panel and drag the widget to a suitable location.

Ajax Serch Widget

Step 5 — On the left sidebar, you’ll see the Content Settings block. In the Select Form section choose the Form you’ve created before. Also, you can choose an appropriate Submit Type, and use Cache form output that allows caching the output data of the form. You can also change the appearance of your Form using Style Settings.

Ajax Search Widget

Step 6 — After you’ve done with all the Settings, click Publish button to see the results.

That’s all you have to do to enable users to specify numbers in the form. Enjoy the results!