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How to export skin with Crocoblock Wizard

If you want to export any skin without any difficulties, keep reading this tutorial in order to know how to perform it with Crocoblock Wizard plugin.

Crocoblock library of pre-made skins is fruitful and profitable as much as it can be even imagined. You may use the ready-made skin and customize up to your needs after it’s installed on your current theme.

It’s not a problem with the multi-tasking Crocoblock Wizard plugin which can provide you with some other opportunities among full or partial installation. You can find this plugin at your account.

In this step-by-step guide let’s learn more about exporting skins with the help of this plugin.


If you’ve already performed the full installation or the particular of Jet Plugins only with the Crocoblock Wizard, to keep using the other useful abilities in WP Dashboard proceed to the Tools > Crocoblock Wizard option.

The other way is to navigate in WP Dashboard > Plugins > Installed Plugins option and under the title of the Crocoblock Wizard one click to the Start Page button.

If you haven’t installed the Crocoblock Wizard yet, follow the link to read our tutorial on how to make the full installation and how to install Jet Plugins only.

How to export skin

1 Step – After you’ve done the previous actions, you’ll see the start screen with several options to be processed to meet your requirements.

Crocoblock Wizard Export option

2 Step – Once you choose the Export skin one and click, you will see the General Settings block, at first.

Here you should decide if you need to switch the Export only content option. If you enable it, you will be provided with the opportunity to export only the content from the website without plugins. But you may add several of them in the third block. Keep reading this tutorial to clarify this aspect.

If you toggle on this options, all the plugins created and used with the certain skin will be exported.

Crocoblock Wizard General Settings

3 Step – Next, you must enter the Name of the skin in the corresponding field. It’s an obligatory option to go on exporting the skin.

4 Step – After that, you will see Demo URL and Thumbnail URL options. The entered value will appear at the preview of the exported skin. They are optional to be filled in.

5 Step – The next you should do is fill in the Export Content Settings. These settings will help you to install not only the general appearance of the plugins but also the necessary settings, which will be generated automatically when you will be importing this skin.

In Options for export, you should enter the titles of the ones stored in the ‘wp_options’ table. Separate the several ones with a comma.

Crocoblock Wizard options for export

In Custom tables for export option fill in the names of the custom tables from the database for export. Enter the names without prefixes and use a comma sign for separating them.

Crocoblock Wizard custom tables for export

6 Step – The next block of settings is Include Plugins one. Here you should enable the plugins you want to be included manually by toggling them on. After this action, you should choose the Plugin Source.

Crocoblock Wizard export option

In case you select the WordPress plugins repository, you make it simple to browse the exported plugins and download the latest version after importing it thanks to the physical content they contain.

If you choose the Crocoblock option, it means that you are a Crocoblock user and keep working with Crocoblock plugins. You will have an opportunity to export the imported skin and save the physical content of the plugins as well.

In case you choose the Remote URL option, you will download the information about your plugins only. After the further implementing while importing they will be installed according to the information received after performing this action.

7 Step – Click the Export Skin button and your newly created plugin will be downloaded into a certain folder on your hard drive.

That’s it! It’s pretty easy to export the preferable skin especially when it takes literally a few minutes.