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How to import the pre-designed dummy-data files to use for JetTabs widgets

Get more pre-made sections for Jet plugins from a dummy-data folder. Organize your content with compact tabs and accordions using JetTabs plugin.

Living in the era of templates and pre-designed websites, a possibility to import sections really matters. Well, with JetThemeCore plugin, you have an opportunity to insert templates from Magic Button library. But moreover, you can import templates from the dummy-data folder as well!

Let’s explore how to do it and import the pre-designed dummy-data files for JetTabs widgets.

Adding templates from dummy-data

Step 1 — Navigate to the templates library by clicking the folder icon.

Step 2 — Click the arrow on the right top bar.

Step 3 — Then, click the Select File button in order to choose the needed .json file.

Step 4 — Procced to wp-content > plugins > jet-tabs > dummy-data directory and choose the file.

Step 5 — After that, the file will appear in the list of templates. Click the Insert button.

Step 6 — In the popup window confirm your intention to import the file.

Step 7 — Finally, the template is added to the page. Now you can paste your content and style the section with a suitable design.

So now you know how to import pre-made sections from dummy-data folder! May we remind you that you can find the dummy-data folder of another plugin and insert templates as well.