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How to install free templates with Crocoblock Wizard

This tutorial will explain in the way of step-by-step guide how to install free templates. Feel free to find out how to perform it using the Crocoblock Wizard plugin.

You may want to make some of your ideas real and that’s why you use the Free Templates option to make your content juicier and more attractive for your users. With this option, you will have an opportunity to create your own template based on the previously built pages by designers and developers and enrich the content after the Crocoblock plugins implementing.

Let’s start the process!


If you’ve already performed full or partial installation with Crocoblock Wizard, to keep using the other useful abilities in WP Dashboard proceed to the Tools > Crocoblock Wizard option.

The other way is to navigate in WP Dashboard to the Plugins > Installed Plugins option and under the title of the Crocoblock Wizard one click to the Start Page button.

If you haven’t yet installed the Crocoblock Wizard, follow the link to read our tutorials on how to make the full installation and Jet Plugins’ one only.

How to install free templates

1 Step – On the Start screen go to the Install free templates button.

Crocoblock Wizard start screen

2 Step – On the following screen you will three tabs. The first one is called Home pages. Here you will be able to install the Home pages. You will have a wide variety of different templates.

The second tab is Landing Pages one, where pages are situated devoted to so many topics, among which there are real estate, commerce, beauty, etc.

The third tab is Other pages which consists of the pages of the site which suit neither Home section nor Landing one.

No matter which tab you choose, further actions will be the same.

Crocoblock Wizard variations tabs

There will be two opportunities to install the pages, including Jet Plugins or compatibility with Elementor Pro. You can’t choose two of these options at the same time, so concentrate on your needs and select the one option. (We strongly recommend you to choose the Jet Plugins option to make the process of website building more smoothy for due to the features you get with Crocoblock team, among them the efficient support, dozens of ready-made templates and regular updates).

3 Step – The next you should do is to install the selected page, or pages, which will happen after clicking the Start Installation button.
But before you install the certain pages, you are able to View Demo to examine the page if it suits your business most or it needs a deeper search. Our team tried to widen the topics as much as it could be possible so that everyone who needs the website can find the most appropriate pages.

Crocoblock Wizard template inslation

4 Step – After you click Start Installation button, you will see the preview (? models, prototype) of the chosen template. Here you will have some alternative actions you can do, which we will describe separately.

First, you should click the Import Template button to import the chosen section or page to the Templates > Installed templates option and use it accordingly as the template for your requests. While using it, you can find it at the Templates submenu on WP Dashboard.

After the template imported, you will receive Congratulations! message and then should click the Open the Template button. You will be redirected to Elementor editor where you can feel free to customize the view of the elements.

Template in Elementor editor

5 Step – The second alternative is to choose the Import and use as a page option. At the same moment, you should enter the Title to your newly created page and click the Create a Page button. While working with this page you can find it in your WP Dashboard simply navigating to the Pages submenu on the left sidebar where the other pages are located as well.

Save as a page option in Elementor

After everything is successfully installed you should click the Go to the Page button. You will be redirected to Elementor editor where you will have an opportunity to customize each of the elements up to your needs.

Crocoblock Wizard page in Elementor editor

That’s it! Now, it’s possible to combine the pages that you need from the several skins. What is more, you are able to save the desirable page either as a template or as a page.