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How to Renew the Crocoblock Subscription License?

From this tutorial, you will learn how to update the subscription license of your Crocoblock account that is near its expiration date. The renewal process is really simple and won’t take long.

So, your license is going to expire, and you would like to renew it and continue using all the features that Crocoblock offers. Go through this short video or follow the next simple written steps.

1 Step— Find the Crocoblock Membership section

Go to your Crocoblock account and log into it. In the right-side column, find the Purchase Details section. The Crocoblock Membership tile will be right there.

crocoblock membership tile

Click the “View details” button and find the License block. Hit the “Renew License” link under the Expiration date.

crocoblock membership

2 Step— Fill in the checkout form

The button you’ve just pressed will redirect you to the checkout page. At the top of it, you will see the description of the item you are about to buy.

checkout page

If you have a discount code, hit the “Click to enter it” link near the “Have a discount code? question, enter the code to the bar and press the “Apply” button. The change in price will be immediately shown in the product description section.

discount code bar

Type in the personal info – your Email Address, Full Name, and Phone Number tick the I accept the Privacy Policy agreement checkbox and click the “Next Step” button.

checkout page

On the next page, choose the preferred payment method. You can select to pay via PayPal or by card. According to the method you choose, enter the payment information in the next window and click the “Subscribe” button.

choosing payment method

That’s all. The check will contain information about the next Expiration date, and you can proceed using Crocoblock products.

finishing the checkout
knowledge base information iconNOTE. Be aware that custom subscriptions can be renewed only all at once – you can’t renew separate products from it. This means that if you have a custom subscription with 5 plugins, you will be charged for all 5 of them. You also won’t be able to delete some of the plugins from the subscription and keep the others. To modify the set of plugins you’ll have to cancel the current subscription and choose a new one. Or you can allways upgrade your subscription to the All-Inclusive set.

That was simple, wasn’t it? Enjoy!