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JetElements Countdown Timer widget. How to use the Evergreen Timer and Endless Timer options

Enrich your landing pages and funnels with varied types of timers, such as Evergreen and Endless ones, using JetElements plugin’s functionality.

Provoke users’ feeling of urgency and anticipation with new options of the Countdown Timer widget of JetElements plugin.

Setting the evergreen timer

Evergreen countdown option allows persuading visitors to buy products quicker. Provide information about the expiry date of the special offer or launch time using JetElements Countdown Timer widget functionality.

1 Step – Open the page, where you want to add a countdown timer and drop the Countdown Timer widget in the certain section.

Countdown Timer widget

2 Step – On the left side you will see the settings block for the widget. Here you need to select the Evegreen Timer type in the Content > General tab. You can determine the hours and minutes right here.

General content settings

Setting the endless timer

You can use the endless type in JetElements Countdown widget for creating and adding a repeating timer to the pages.

In the Content > General settings block of the Countdown Timer widget, you need to choose the Endless Timer type. Also, you can specify the start timer and the restart period (hours and minutes).

General content settings

Great! Create evergreen and endless countdown timers using options of JetElements Countdown widget.

Countdown widget