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JetEngine: How to Use the Date Query Type for the Listing Grid Posts Query Setup

This step-by-step tutorial will take you through the process of using the date query type for the listing grid of JetEngine plugin.

From this tutorial, we’ll learn how to use the data query type which represents the date of the post creation, the GMT data type, etc. The data query type makes it possible to range the displayed posts by the data and especially by the certain one. It is used in order to show posts before or after the certain starting point (for example, you can display some special posts before the sale-on and others after the summer holidays, like this).

Let’s get started!

The first thing you should do is to create a listing with the type of content you want to be displayed with the help of JetEngine plugin. Save all the settings and let’s proceed to the direct steps.

Listing Grid settings

Step 1 – Navigate to the WP Dashboard.

Step 2 – Go to the Posts option on the side panel and proceed to the certain post where you want to display the listing.

Step 3 – Click Edit with Elementor link (if this link is inactive, click firstly Edit one and then find the button Edit with Elementor).

Edit page with Elementor

Step 4 – Now, you’re in the Elementor editor, search for the Listing Grid widget and drop it to the canvas.

Step 5 – Go to the Content > General tab and choose the needed listing in the dropdown menu. Here you can also set the number of columns, select the status of the posts, etc.

Date query settings

Step 1 – Proceed to the Content > Posts Query tab where you should add a new item. Choose the Data Type in the appropriate field. In the Column menu select the data type you want to be presented.

Settings for the data query type

Step 2 – A little below in the same tab you are able to set the starting point for your posts: before or after the particular date.

Step 3 – In this tab, you also can choose the logical link. You are able to choose ‘AND’ / ‘OR’ operator to the Meta and Tax query relations.

Update the page and enjoy the result!

Here you are! It isn’t difficult to set the data query for your posts listing with the help of the Listing Grid widget.