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Knowledge base Redirecting to the Prefiltered Results via the Select Filter

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Find out how you can redirect users to the page with the prefiltered results using the Select filter available with the JetSmartFilters plugin.

JetEngine | JetSmartFilters

Make the Listing Grid even more attractive by setting the custom loading icon to display once the filter is applied to the grid. Follow the steps described in the tutorial to recreate the user-friendly feature.

JetSmartFilters | JetEngine | JetPopup

Find out how to close a popup automatically after applying the filters.

JetEngine | JetSmartFilters

Find out how to not showcase a listing grid on a page before applying filters from the JetSmartFilters plugin.

JetSmartFilters | JetTabs

Follow these two-step-tutorial to learn how to collapse or expand filters to make them look more compact.

JetSmartFilters | JetPopup

Learn how to customize the filters display as a slide-out popup with the JetPopup plugin.

JetSmartFilters | JetEngine

Find out how to display the filter on the home page with the set redirect to the filtered-out results on the shop page.

JetSmartFilters | JetEngine

Learn to display the remove filters button smoothly only since the main content is loaded completely.


After this tutorial, manage filtration by the WooCommerce product status: in and out of stock.

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