JetEngine. Dynamic Content for Elementor

You`ll love JetEngine plugin for Elementor

Add custom post types and taxonomies
Create post type and taxonomy templates
Display templates in lists and grid blocks
Use unique widgets and layout customization

Create any custom post type with minimum effort

Stylish layouts to organize content

Listing grid
Wield the power to create the dynamic listing and grid layouts for displaying custom posts and taxonomies using the set templates.
Listing masonry
Use the stylish masonry listing layout to showcase the custom posts or taxonomies in the most appealing way and customize the columns number.
Listing justify
Choose justify layout for the listing template to show all the custom posts and taxonomies in the artful form that can be easily customized.
JetEngine form functionality

JetEngine form functionality

10 field types
Mix and match any field types you want, set them as required, and use both manual input and dynamic content to build the form you need.
Smart notifications
Add the submitted information to the email notifications, or display the results in the meta fields on Elementor-bulit page templates.
Form widget
Embed form widget to any Elementor-built template, and customize its layout to your liking. Use ultra-fast AJAX method or traditional reload.
Calculated content
Use hidden fields and add formulas for the field values to calculate the total value of the service automatically within the booking form.

JetEngine calendar functionality

Events query functionality
Use the complex query parameters, including the date query, meta query, and taxonomy query types, to show those events that fit in.
Multiple events per one date
Add one or several events to the specific date to let the visitors know about the schedule you’ve created.
Event images, icons and links
Add any content you need to the event templates shown inside the Calendar, from icons to date, time markers, links, imagery and QR codes.
4 high-end calendar presets
Select one of the 4 available Calendar presets to apply for the dynamic Calendar widget, to make the Calendar widget look fantastic.
Dynamic event templates
Use the dynamic JetEngine widgets to create the templates for your events and use them inside the calendar.
Lots of style settings
Change the Calendar background, typography, apply the custom style for navigation arrows, weeks and days.

Get as a separate plugin or in a set

Single site
$ 17 per year
Unlimited websites
$ 31 per year
30 Days money-back
  • Professional support
  • Regular updates
  • New features
  • Easy to use