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JetWooBuilder. Top-rated Elementor WooCommerce plugin

Mix & Match All Elements Freely

Develop a best-selling WooCommerce store from the ground up. Cherry-pick the widgets, do the fitting, arrange the elements and you’ll achieve a unique Elementor WooCommerce shop page layout.


Assign custom templates to Checkout, My Account, Thank You, and Cart pages.


Change the product view from Cards to List in the Products Loop widget.


Pull the data from the product content block and style them up to find a flattering layout.


Explore the new-age carousels – Vertical & Swiper, as well as the Center Mode.


Display the applied product attributes as a compact table, which can be styled and titled.

Put Flexibility Into Motion

Construct versatile shop page templates

Create a single product page template

Devise a solid Elementor single page template that makes a good fit for any product.

Adjust the single product page visually
Let buyers rate, compare, and add products to faves by integrating JetReviews & JetCompareWishlist.
Gallery single template v.1
Shop template v.1

Orchestrate the shop page at one stroke

Use the Shop Page widgets to craft a decent template that presents all products in the best light.

Calibrate the frontend looks
Help buyers find the desired product in no time—set up advanced JetSmartFilters.

Revolutionary E-Commerce Widgets
for Shop-Specific Pages

A brand-new approach to editing Elementor WooCommerce pages. Implement the vital elements, adjust the page sections, and add as much backend functionality as wanted.

Custom Cart page

Make the Cart page tight-packed: order details, cross-sells, empty cart message – everything will fit.
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Custom Checkout page

Form a Checkout page that’ll fully cover order review, billing, shipping, and payments.
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Custom Success page

Build and apply a Thank You page to complete the purchasing process.
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Custom Account page

Create a customizable My Account page for both new and registered users.
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Page-specific widgets

All JetWooBuilder widgets are broken down into groups for you to use the right ones when building dedicated shop pages.

Editable WooCommerce pages

Feel free to modify the default sales pages so they “look and feel” as pondered and help you generate profit.

Manageable Reviews

Approve or Unapprove any user-generated review, edit its text and title, or choose to permanently delete.

Custom behavior conditions

Urge C2C on-page interactions – let users leave reviews, as well as comment and like/dislike them.

Allowed Roles

Assign the Allowed Roles to let certain user groups comment and rate the WooCommerce products.

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Discover 60+ Elementor WooCommerce Widgets

Global widgets

Categories Grid

Display product categories as a grid or fully-fledged carousel whenever needed and keep everything extra easy.

Products Grid

Create eye-candy product grid layouts, representing the WooCommerce products in the best design.

Products List

Showcase the WooCommerce products in stylish list layouts, responsive and customizable to the boot.

Taxonomy Tiles

Represent the WooCommerce product categories and tags in the form of tiles using style and content customization settings.

Single product widgets

Archive card widgets

Categories card widgets

Shop page widgets

Cart page widgets

Checkout page widgets

Thanks You page widgets

My Account page widgets

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