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Perfect set for content-rich projects

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Advanced set for complex websites

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Must-have set for profitable online stores

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Yearly All plugins

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A set of multipurpose widgets for Elementor.

All the first-aid widgets to build a classic website with different types of content.
(Basic price $19/year)


A must-have plugin for an Elementor custom mega-menu.

Build a horizontal or vertical mega-menu with powerful functionality provided.
(Basic price $19/year)


Build an impressively styled blog.

Create custom post types and filter them by custom queries, terms and categories.
(Basic price $15/year)


Enjoyable visual effects for your website.

Enliven your website with spectacular animation and visual effects to attract more visitors.
(Basic price $15/year)


Build spectacular tabs and accordions.

Robust tabs functionality enriched with JetEngine dynamic options gives you more freedom in website building.
(Basic price $15/year)


Build custom headers and footers.

Enhance your headers and fooders with versatile content like hamburger menu, breadcrumbs, search form, etc.
(Basic price $15/year)


Reviews for your Elementor website.

Create a unique layout for reviews and display them from post meta or add them manually.
(Basic price $10/year)


Speedy AJAX Search for Elementor websites.

Simplify your users’ experience by allowing them to search for need info withing custom post types, taxonomies, tags, etc.
(Basic price $15/year)


Pop-up builder for Elementor users.

Create stylish pop-ups by filling them up with different widgets, like countdown timer, contact form, video, etc.
(Basic price $19/year)


Use pre-made pages to create a website.

Use pre-designed sections and content blocks to create a website and adjust them according to your taste and needs.


Control elementor page style settings.

Create a set of styling settings that will be applied to the rest of the widgets in a few clicks.


9 types of mighty filters for Elementor.

Rapid AJAX filters to filter custom post types, WooCommerce products, etc. on archive pages.
(Basic price $19/year)


Build your online store right now!

A large set of WooCommerce widgets with a full range of customization settings.
(Basic price $19/year)


Essential functionality for WooCommerce owners.

Add compare list and wish list functionality for better user experience.
(Basic price $15/year)


First-class gallery functionality.

Showcase product images in different layouts with the help of grid and slider widgets.
(Basic price $10/year)


Dynamic functionality for Elementor websites.

Create custom post types and taxonomies and create templates with dynamic widgets.
(Basic price $19/year)


Booking functionality for booking websites.

Goes in the trio along with JetEngine and JetThemeCore plugins in order to give you more control over your booking website.


A must-have plugin for booking appointments.

Schedule and book appointments as A-B-C! Use WooCommerce integration to receive payments at once.

Included in all Plans

wizard installation

Handy Installation Wizard

Upload Crocoblock Wizard, choose what you need to install – the Full Crocoblock or only Jet Plugins, and commit installation in several steps.

50+ Elementor templates

50+ Elementor templates

No needs to spend a lot of time on design issues. Find the diversity of topics and styles with templates included in Crocoblock.

Kava Theme

Kava Theme

Meet Kava – a brilliantly balanced WordPress theme with a bunch of functionality and perfect design.

Kava Theme

Style Manager

Manage the widgets’ style settings and boost site performance tangibly with JetStyleManger!

You’ll love Crocoblock!

Here are some reasons why

30 days money-back guarantee

Get everything back if during the first 30 days of use you’re not satisfied with the product.

Caring and efficient support​

Feel confident when using Crocoblock, the support team will take care of everything else.

A huge community of users​

Join the vast Crocoblock community to discuss the product, find out more tips and use cases.

Feature requests accepted​

Looking for more features? Place a suggestion and our team will implement it if possible.

Academic plans

Discount for students and teachers with valid credential.

Payment methods

Check our FAQ:

Still have some questions?

Depending on the subscription type you’ve purchased, you might get four different product sets perfectly fit for your purpose.

The Design set fully suits for creating webpage designs and styling all kinds of content. It includes 8 powerful plugins.

The E-commerce set will be perfect if you’re looking for the products to boost your online store or even build it from scratch. It includes 4 more plugins along with the ones needed for design.

The Multi tool set is the best choice if you’re looking for the tools to build a website with the complex structure, custom post types, post relations, and taxonomies, need to add a booking form or want to work with dynamic functionality. The package includes all the plugins for design as well as JetEngine and JetSearch.

The All-Inclusive Package gives access to all Jet Plugins for one year. This set is perfect for creating a structured and website with complex structure.

There’s also an all inclusive Lifetime subscription plan that includes all the products available at Crocoblock.

All the plans represented above include a free Kava theme, a set of pre-designed demos and popup templates within JetPopup plugin’s library, and come with premium professional support.

Please, note, that with time the list of the plugins and the functionality of the packages will be extended.

Yes, you can use the products from Crocoblock subscription or acquired as separate items to create the websites for end-users.

Please, note, that the terms of using the products from Crocoblock depend on the license type you’ve acquired.

However, you shouldn’t pass your account details or the license keys to any third-parties.

After the subscription license expires the website built with Crocoblock products will keep working. However, it will be impossible to get the updates, use the templates library, access the Downloads directory in your Crocoblock account.

If you won’t renew your subscription, you should download and save the latest versions of the plugins from your account.

It’s not recommended to make any changes in the ready website you’ve created with Crocoblock if the license is out of date.

As long as the subscription license is active you get all the new products, that will be released and included in your subscription plan.

The updates are received via Jet Plugins Dashboard in your WordPress admin panel. In order to update the plugin, you should have an active license key.

The yearly subscription involves recurrent payments. It allows using the products included in it for one year from the date of purchase. When the year ends, the charges are taken to prolong the subscription automatically. The price of automatic renewal is the price of the subscription by the date of purchase regardless of applied discounts.

You can cancel auto-renewal at any time from your Crocoblock account. After this, you will have an option to renew manually. In this case, the price of the renewal can be another according to the current price of the subscription.

If you’re using a Lifetime plan, the charges will be taken only once, and you’ll be able to use the products from the subscription and receive all the updates without any additional payments or charges taken.

If you purchased a single plugin, there is no auto-renewal in this case.

You can receive a refund during the first 30 days from the date of purchase. It can be done via your personal account at Crocoblock.

Please, make sure all the requirements listed below are met in order for Crocoblock products to work smoothly:

  • PHP 7.2 or higher;
  • MySQL 5.6 or higher;
  • WP memory limit of 256 Mb or larger;
  • SSL certificate on the server;
  • TLS protocol versions: 1.0, 1.1 , 1.2 , or 1.3.

First, make sure you’ve got enough money on your credit card in order for the system to automatically charge you and prolong the subscription license.

In case there is no money on the credit card, the license won’t be prolonged automatically.

You’d have to be aware that if you need to continue working with Crocoblock products, you’d have to prolong the license manually.

Another option is to cancel the existing subscription and purchase the new one and use it.

Yes, you can upgrade a license at Crocoblock by paying only the difference between the price of the license you’ve got and the price of the license you want to purchase.

If you have any Crocoblock subscription (Design, Multi-Tool, E-Commerce) you can upgrade to All-Inclusive Yearly and Lifetime automatically via your Crocoblock account. If you have a subscription for 1 website (Design, Multi-Tool or E-Commerce) but want to upgrade to unlimited websites, contact Crocoblock support. If you want to upgrade from Design to Multi-Tool, from Design to E-Commerce, or upgrade from Multi-Tool to E-Commerce, contact Crocoblock support. If you have a single plugin and want to upgrade to any other Crocoblock subscription, contact Crocoblock support.

You can renew your subscription by the actual price of the plan (Single Annual $49 and Unlimited Annual $79).

Yes, the subscription can be canceled from your personal Crocoblock account. In this case, no recurrent charges will be made anymore.

No, it’s not allowed to resell or distribute the products included in Crocoblock subscription. The license also can’t be resold or distributed.

It’s allowed to use the items from the subscription in the end-products (websites made for end-users). The value of the end-product must exceed the value of the subscription itself.

In case you’ve acquired the Single Yearly license type, it allows using products from Crocoblock only on one website for one year.

In case you’ve been using Crocoblock subscription on the staging website, and now you need to transfer it to the live website, you can do it by deactivating the license for the staging site and activating it on the live website.

The Yearly Unlimited license allows using the products from Crocoblock in an unlimited number of websites for one year.

The All Inclusive Yearly and Lifetime Unlimited license make it possible to use the products from Crocoblock in an unlimited number of websites.

The Lifetime Unlimited license makes it possible to use the products from Crocoblock in an unlimited number of websites.