CrocoBlock installation with JetThemeWizard plugin

This tutorial explains what steps you have to take in order to install Jet plugins, picturesque skins and sections library using JetThemeWizard plugin.

This article intended to assist you in Jet plugins set installation by means of WordPress Dashboard. After reading our step-by-step tutorial, you’ll effortlessly install the package.

After purchasing the Crocoblock subscription, no matter which – either the annual or the lifetime one, you are warmly welcomed and get your own account created on our website!

In a Downloads section, you’ll discover everything you need for the successful start, including:

  • the Super Easy Installation Pack, which we are going to use in this tutorial;
  • the Easy Installation Pack;
  • the catalogue of Plugins, allowing to download the plugins separately;
  • the Bonus Images.

Just follow the steps described below and enjoy using your Jet Plugins pack in just about 5 minutes.


Step 1 — You can find JetThemeWizard in a Super Easy Installation block, which consists of a theme, plugins and demo content.

Step 2 — Click the Download button on the right to proceed with downloading the JetThemeWizard archive. Attention! In case you’ve unpacked the files from the archive you have downloaded, you should compress them and create an archive once again in order to upload it to your WordPress Dashboard.

Step 3 — Proceed to WordPress Dashboard on the left of your screen and navigate to the Plugins section. Select the Add New option and click the Upload Plugin button on the very top.

Step 4 — Afterwards, choose the JetThemeWizard archive and click the Install Now button.


Step 1 — As soon as the installation is complete, you have to activate the plugins by clicking the Activate Plugin button.

Step 2 — Then, you’ll see the License Key field, where you have to input your license key. You get it along with the Crocoblock subscription. Subsequently, click the Start Install button.


Step 1 — Choose to continue either with parent or child theme. Both options are available at the Use child theme? page. Pay attention that Child theme is recommended by the developers in order for your changes in CSS to always be safe. Next click Continue button.

Step 2 — Next you will see the Select and start install screen, where plenty of skins are represented. Choose any skin and click Start Install button. If you’d like to have a quick view of the available skins, click the View Demo button under each of them and choose the one which is suitable for you.

Choosing the needed plugins

Step 1 — Once you’ve clicked Start Install button, you are sent to Configure plugins page consisting of two sections. The first section is called Required Plugins, it reveals a list of essential plugins for a skin you’ve chosen. The second section, that is called Recommended Plugins, exhibits a list of optional plugins. If you want any of them to be installed along with the required ones, just tick the boxes on the left. If you already have these optional plugins installed, just click the Skip to demo content button.

Step 2 — Click Next button to install all the needed plugins.

Deciding on a content

After the installation is done, you can see the We’re almost there! page where you have to select whether you want to append demo content to your existing content or replace your existing content with demo content, or even skip demo content installation. After you’ve made your choice, click the Next button.


Step 1 — To confirm your choice you’ll have to enter your WordPress user password (which is NOT a license key) and click the Import content button. You will be able to see a progress bar which showcases the demo content installation progress.

Step 2 — Finally, after all the steps are complete, you will be redirected to the Congratulations! You’re all Set! page which provides you with the information about tutorials, documentation and support.

Well done! Now you can start exploring opportunities that you have just get with Crocoblock.