CrocoBlock. Personal account overview

This tutorial describes the settings you can access from CrocoBlock Personal Account page. It’s time to get to know the service.

Are you looking for any new features to boost your WordPress-based site? Want to know about CrocoBlock service for WordPress and access the ultimate products package for the free Elementor page builder? Or maybe you’ve already joined the CrocoBlock family and have got an opportunity to use a service subscription? In this case, accept our congratulations!

The first step you should do is log in to your personal account at CrocoBlock. Let’s find out which information this page provides.

Purchase Details

In this block you can easily access these kinds of information:

  • your purchase ID;
  • the date when you’ve purchased the CrocoBlock subscription;
  • the amount, that shows how much the subscription costs.

Step 1 – Сlick the View Details link, if you want to view the status, method, the date of payment, the subtotal, and total prices.

Step 2 – Open the Download link and you’ll be able to load the invoice directly to your hard drive. Note, that in order to add the VAT number to the invoice you’d need to contact our support team, and we’ll create a custom invoice personally for you.

Step 3 – Navigate to the Manage License link in order to find out more about your license type. For example, here you can learn the actual license key, the license expiration date and a list of websites where CrocoBlock license is active. Here you can also deactivate your license for any website where it is installed. Press the Deactivate Site button to do so.

Step 4 – In case you want to manage the ongoing subscription, to prolong or update it, choose the Subscription option and click Manage Subscription.


This tab features all the products you can download after you’ve purchased the CrocoBlock subscription. Let’s look through a list of products.

  • Super Easy Installation Pack offers you to download the JetThemeWizard. With it, you can install everything at once.
  • Easy Installation Pack consists of the latest version of Kava theme, the Kava Child theme and the JetPluginsWizard. The last one helps you to install all the plugins along with the demo content and the specific skin you’re to choose.
  • Plugins – in this block you are able to download the latest versions of all the plugins separately.
  • Misc offers you additional products, such as JetThemeCore Compatibility Kit, which gives you an ability to make headers and footers compatible with Astra, OceanWP and GeneratePress themes.
  • Bonus Images – this is a block, where you can download the high-quality images for your blog. They are dedicated to different topics, like business, travel, beauty, etc.
  • There is also the Installation Guide link in the top-right corner, which will guide you through the installation process.


This block showcases the latest updates made by the Crocoblock team and also provides you with the information of what products are currently in progress. The updates are made every week.


This tab consists of your account information you’ve defined when registering: the first name, the last name, your email address, etc. There is also information about your billing address.

Fill in the fields to provide the necessary data. Moreover, in this section, you can change your password. Don’t forget to click the Save Changes button after the changes are made!

Affiliate Area

In this block, you can generate the referral URL link, look through the statistics, etc.

Refund Request

In case you want to get a refund, you can submit it in this block during the first 30 calendar days from the purchase date.

Attention! Upon the expiration of the term, this function will disappear from your personal account.

That’s it! We hope this tutorial was helpful for you!