CrocoBlock subscription plans overview

This tutorial explains the features of Crocoblock subscription types. Also, you’ll explore the differences between each type of subscription.

Once you’ve got interested in CrocoBlock products, you get to the pricing page to find out more about the cost of different subscription plans. Obviously, you want to be aware of the details and which type of subscription will ideally fit your purposes.

This tutorial features CrocoBlock subscription plans and their differences. We’ll try to anticipate your questions and provide you with the fullest information, adding to your confidence when choosing the right pricing plan.

Annual Subscription (for 1 website)

This license will fit you best in case you want to use the CrocoBlock products only on one domain. Later, if you need the CrocoBlock products you’ll be able to upgrade the license to Unlimited Yearly or Lifetime plan in case it is active, by paying only the difference between the pricing plans.

By getting this type of subscription plan you will have a fascinating opportunity to use:
  • Kava Theme – this is a free theme, and you can use it on as many domains as you need.
  • Jet plugins – each of the Jet plugins goes under Single site license, and you can use them on one domain.
  • Skins – you can use the skins on one domain, this license type covers only Single site usage.
  • 1 year of high-quality support – the support specialists will provide extensive help, when it comes to Jet products and CrocoBlock, during one year from the date of purchase.
  • Regular updates – the new updates come out weekly, so you can be sure the items you’ve installed are always up-to-date and meet all the latest requirements. Even after the year of usage, when the license expires, the updates, needed to ensure that the products work correctly, will still come.
  • Additional image library – you will get access to the library with images that you can use on your site.

The list of the products included in the subscription continually extends, so there are updates and new items regularly added.

And, what is even more important, there is 30 days money-back guarantee, so, in case you find out that you’re unable to use CrocoBlock products, you can request the refund within the period of 30 days after the date of purchase, and we’ll give your money back.

What happens when the license expires?

During 1 year you can build one site using all CrocoBlock products.

After the year ends, you will be able to:

Still, after the license expires you won’t be able to:

  • Get new plugins and skins from CrocoBlock;
  • Get premium support from the tech team;
  • Use the Downloads section in your CrocoBlock account.

Annual Subscription (for Unlimited sites)

With the subscription for an Unlimited number of sites, you will get all the same products listed above, yet you’ll be able to use them on an unlimited number of domains during 1 year from the date of purchase.

You get all the Jet plugins from the subscription, the image packs, all the demos, as well as the free Kava theme and 24/7 support.

After the year ends the rules of usage are the same as in case of Single license, so you won’t be able to:

  • Use CrocoBlock products in new projects after 1 year ends;
  • Create new projects after the subscription ends;
  • Use license keys for separate plugins.

As you can see, it is restricted to use CrocoBlock products in the new projects after the year has ended. So, to continue working with CrocoBlock you’d need to renew the license.

Lifetime Unlimited Websites Subscription

This type of subscription is the most suitable for developers that build websites on fulltime. With it, you get access to all the products provided within CrocoBlock subscription, and you’re not limited in time.

The Unlimited Lifetime subscription includes all services that are available in annual subscription, and yet has some advantages:

  • Lifetime support – we provide high-quality support for our lifetime subscribers, and we continue to provide it as long as there’s a need;
  • Lifetime updates – you’ll always get the updates from CrocoBlock, and all the new products will be provided within the subscription;
  • Lifetime development guarantee – with time, the value of the subscription will only increase, as there will be more products to be included within CrocoBlock;
  • Keep using the products for as long as you need – with Lifetime subscription, you can use the CrocoBlock products for as many projects as you have to for years.

If you want to get an opportunity to access all the CrocoBlock features without being limited in time – this type of subscription will be a good choice for you!

Hope it clears up the things and you’ll be able to consider all pros and cons and make your decision!