How to create a booking form layout

From this tutorial you will learn how to create and customize a booking form layout with JetEngine plugin.

With JetEngine plugin booking is simple and easy. You can start your own basic booking form template and add this booking form template to your website, customize it and have guests book your services online. So let’s dive into the process of creating a booking form layout.

Creating a booking layout

Step 1 – Proceed to the JetEngine > Booking Forms tab in your Dashboard and click the Add New button.

Step 2 – Set the title for this booking form.

Step 3 – The Field Settings block provides you with an opportunity to add different fields that will be displayed in the booking forms. Here you can also manage the structure of these fields via drag&drop way.

Step 4 – In order to add more fields, click Add Field or Add Submit Button buttons.

Step 5 – Below Fields Settings block you will find the Notifications Settings section where you can specify the type and the number of notifications. Depending on the type of notification you will get different areas to fill up.

Step 6 – In the Messages Settings block there are sample message that the user will receive whether the form is filled successfully or not.

Step 7 – Don’t forget to click the Apply Changes button every time you make changes in order to save the progress.

Step 8 – Finally, click the Publish button to save a new booking form.

Step 9 – Afterward, you can go to the page where you want to add a newly created booking form and open the page with Elementor editor.

Step 10 – Drag and drop Booking Form widget to the pages canvas and select the booking form you have just created from the Content > Select form directory.

Feel free to use different settings to customize the appearance of the booking form according to your needs.

Step 11 – In the end, click the Update button and that’s it.

Now you can allow your customers to register an appointment right from your site.