How to enable and disable the Product gallery widgets

This tutorial explains how to enable or disable JetProductGallery widgets. If you want to learn more about the plugin, have a look at this article.

JetProductGallery plugin can help you to display WooCommerce products beautifully in order to convert the visitors into customers.

With JetProductGallery you can showcase WooCommerce Products in the most attractive forms, using different modules, such as Gallery Anchor Navigator, Gallery Grid, Galley Modern and Gallery Slider.

In case you don’t need some of the widgets, you can temporary disable them. Also, some widgets can be already disabled and you can’t use them, so you need to turn them on.

Now we are going to learn how to enable or disable JetProductGallery widgets.

Managing Product Gallery widgets

Step 1 — First, open your WordPress Dashboard and go to Elementor > JetProductGallery Settings directory.

Step 2 — Here you will see the list of all the Available Widgets which you can tick in order to disable/enable any widget if needed.

Depending on the layout you need to display your products, you can choose any of the widgets. Let’s have a closer look at them.

You can use Gallery Anchor Navigator to display product images as a vertical gallery with navigation. Also, there are different content and style settings, which are helpful for customization of the module appearance.

If you need to showcase the product images in a grid, so you can use Gallery Grid widget. It allows visitors to see all images without any additional actions.

With Gallery Slider widget you can display images in the form of a slider.

And finally, Gallery Modern allows creating an attractive layout with the images of different sizes.

Step 4 — Don’t forget to click the Save button in order not to lose the changes.

Now you have only the necessary widgets. By the way, you can enable and disable widgets not only for JetProductGallery but also for other Jet plugins.