How to install CrocoBlock skins without the Kava theme

If you want to use Jet plugins with of any theme you like – this tutorial can come in handly. Find out how to install CrocoBlock skins without Kava theme.

Do you know you can use CrocoBlock skins with any WordPress theme of your choice as long as it supports Elementor?

This tutorial provides detailed information about the installation process of CrocoBlock skins on any WordPress theme, such as OceanWP, Astra, GeneratePress, etc.

Keep reading to learn how to use any of the available skins from CrocoBlock Skins library without installing Kava theme.

Installing CrocoBlock skins

Step 1 — For successful and quick installation of CrocoBlock skins in WordPress Dashboard, first, you need to download JetPluginsWizard plugin, which allows installing plugins and demo content quickly and smoothly. You will find the plugin included in Easy Installation Pack in Downloads block at your CrocoBlock account.

Also, please, download JetThemeCore Compatibility Kit to prevent any compatibility difficulties after installing skins on your theme. This plugin is located in the Misc section.

Step 2 — Go to WordPress Dashboard and install all the plugins you’ve downloaded.

Open the Plugins block in the Dashboard, navigate to Add New and click Upload Plugin button.

Step 3 — Browse package from your hard drive.
Then, click Install now button.

Don’t forget to click Activate Plugin option after the plugin is successfully installed.

Step 4 — Repeat the second step and the third steps to install JetThemeCore Compatibility Kit plugin.

Demo Content Installation

Step 1 — Open Plugins Wizard block in WordPress Dashboard and click Next to select the skin you want to install.

Step 2 — On the Select skin and start install screen, you can select one of the displayed skins and apply it to your site. If you want to preview the skin’s appearance click Live Demo button under the template.

Step 3 — The Start Install button will head you to Configure plugins screen, where you can view the list of Required Plugins, Recommended Plugins and Extra Plugins.

  • Required Plugins – here you can find the minimum set of service plugins for this skin set by default.
  • Recommended Plugins – here you can see the recommended set of basic plugins to display the skin’s pages correctly. Please, install them to get the exact looks of the skin as shown on the skin’s live demo page. If you won’t install one or more plugins from this list, the specific sections of the template, for which these plugins are responsible, will not be displayed.
  • Extra Plugins – here one can view the full list of plugins available for a template installation. They add extra functionality to the skin but are not required.

Step 4 — Tick the plugins, which you want to install on your site, and click Next to finally run the installation.

Step 5We’re almost there page allows selecting whether you want to append or rewrite the existing content on the site.

If you don’t have any content on your site, and it’s a clean installation, you can select Replace my existing content with demo content option.

In all the other cases, if you don’t want your existing content to be ruined, select Append demo content to my existing content option.

Step 9 — After adjusting all the settings, click the Next button. The demo content will be automatically installed on your site. The blue progress bars will indicate the percents of demo content which are already imported.

The last Congratulations! You’re all set! page shows that the skin’s installation is complete and displays more additional options.

Great! Now the process is complete and your website’s appearance has been changed in a matter of several minutes!

Click View Your Site button to check how your site now looks.