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Cannot Translate JetWooBuilder Templates via Polylang

Cannot Translate JetWooBuilder Templates via Polylang


How to translate JetWooBuilder’s templates via Polylang?


Go to Languages > Settings in your WordPress Dashboard and click on “Settings” in the Custom post types and Taxonomies module.

custom post types and taxonomy module settings

Then set a checkmark in front of the JetWooBuilder Templates to activate language and translation for such Page templates. Then hit the “Save Changes” button.

jetwoobuilder templates

After that, proceed to Crocoblock > Woo Page Builder and click to edit a template that you want to translate.

crocoblock woo page builder edit template

On the Edit Template page, you will see the option to translate the template.

template translation

Push the “+” button in the Translations section to create a template copy in the needed language.

Name the new template and publish it. Then you will be able to edit the template in the Elementor page editor.

We recommend naming two related templates differently (e. g., “Eng My Account Edit Account Endpoint Template” and “Deu My Account Edit Account Endpoint Template”), so it will be noticeable that the appropriate templates are automatically pulled up on the pages of the appropriate language.

translated template via polylang

That’s it! Just in case: more information about JetWooBuilder templates you can find here.

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