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Custom Cart & Checkout Page Templates Don’t Appear in the Front

Custom Cart & Checkout Page Templates Don’t Appear in the Front


The templates created for the Cart and Checkout pages using Woo Page Builder do not display when accessing the site


Sometimes, it can help to assign the templates in the WooCommerce settings. We’ve covered this issue here. If you’ve done that but the problem is not solved, you may want to go through the following steps.

  1. Set custom WooCommerce pages.

    Go to WooCommerce > Settings and click the Advanced tab. You’ll see a Page setup section, where you need to place the custom page templates you have created for Cart and Checkout.

    page setup section in woocommerce advanced settings
  2. Create pages automatically.

    To do so, proceed to WooCommerce > Status, then click Tools tab.

    tools tab in woocommerce status settings

    Scroll down the page until you spot the Create default WooCommerce pages section. Press “Create Pages”, and the system will install all the missing WooCommerce pages automatically. Don’t worry – it will not affect the pages you’ve already defined and set up.

    automatically create woocommerce pages

However, if the issue isn’t fixed yet, please check the following video.
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