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Fixing Form Not Sending Email

Fixing Form Not Sending Email


My form does not send an email.


Ensure that the problem refers to the sending but is not associated with the expired plugin date, typos, capital letters, recipient address errors, etc. 

Read the message that appears under the form after you have submitted it. The text:

  • “Form successfully submitted” means that the problem refers to the sending of the mail;
  •  “There was an error trying to submit form. Please try again later.” is the primary indicator that the problem is related to the sending and the error was made during the creation of the form. Read the tutorial Cannot Submit the Form Due to a Form Error to fix this problem. 
form errors

If you have submitted the form successfully, but no emails are being sent to the receiver, the problem mainly refers to the SMTP client (Simple Mail Transfer Protocol). The easiest way to check if it works is to contact your host provider directly.

But you can previously take the following steps:

1) disable all third-party applications ( or turn them all off) that may affect the sending of emails. 

2) try using a different sender email. It is important to note that the sender’s domain should match the site’s domain. If your site is, then the email should be [email protected].

One of the above methods will surely help you solve this problem. If not, don’t hesitate to get in touch with support. 

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