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How to Display Related Posts Using the Posts Meta Field

How to Display Related Posts Using the Posts Meta Field


How can I display related posts from the WP dashboard?


If you wish to output the related post types on the frontend, please make sure to follow the steps below.

  1. Create a new meta field.

    Go to JetEngine > Post Types and click to edit the generic post type. Add a new meta field to it as shown below. If you want to display multiple posts, make sure to enable the Multiple toggle.

    adding and setting new meta field
  2. Proceed to edit the post type.

    Click to edit the post type you want other posts to be attached. Scroll down to the meta field you’ve added and then assign the related posts.

    selecting related posts
  3. Open the Listing in Elementor.

    Drag and drop the Dynamic Field widget to it. Then select Meta Data as the “Source” and pick the meta field you’ve created previously in the “Meta Field” select. Activate the Filter field output toggle and enter the right callback – Related posts list.

    setting related posts in Elementor
  4. That’s it! Update the changes.

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