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Server Error Occured When Updating the License Via Dashboard

Server Error Occured When Updating the License Via Dashboard


I tried to deactivate the Crocoblock license but there was a “server error” notification. How can I fix that?


Sometimes it may occur that you fail to activate the Crocoblock license via Dashboard after having deactivated it. Try the following steps to fix the issue.

  1. Try to reactivate the license once more.

  2. Make sure that your license has more than 1 site activation limit.

    crocoblock membership details
  3. Check if your site is listed in your Account > Purchase Details > Manage Sites:

    manage sites window
  4. Please note that in case you changed your URL or even switched from “http” to “https,” the license needs to be reactivated.

  5. Deactivate the third-party plugins (e.g., ManageWP or ManageWP Worker).

  6. Make sure your site URL doesn’t contain any uppercase letters.

Tried all of the above but nothing seemed to work? In this case, contact our support team for real-time troubleshooting. 

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