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What to Do When Dynamic Templates Installation Stuck

What to Do When Dynamic Templates Installation Stuck


The dynamic template I choose to install is not installing


First things first, don’t panic. Sometimes that happens. If you see that the installation process is stuck at the Importing Sample Data stage and the progress bar is not filling up, check the following things.

Installation Wizard – sample data import stage

Increase the memory limit

For optimal performance, we recommend setting it to at least 512M. Not sure how to do it right? Please stick to Step 2 of this troubleshooting article:

Check the server resources

Since our dynamic templates have a lot of content, it could be a server space issue. Make sure to check if you have enough space on your server. 

Deactivate 3-rd party plugins 

Leave only Elementor, Crocoblock, and WooCommerce active. 

Clean the server’s cache

Try to re-install the template

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