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How to Add Localization for Crocoblock Products


This tutorial explains how to add localization for Crocoblock products and WordPress plugins using free software.

Crocoblock products have localization files in some languages (i.e., Portuguese), with more to come. But users can create different localisations of Crocoblock products using open-source software.

This tutorial uses the free software Poedit or the free Loco Translate plugin, available for Mac OS X, Windows, and UNIX/Linux for creating POT files.

Tutorial requirentments:

  • the open source software: Poedit or Loco Translate;
  • a plugin or a theme you need to localize;
  • WordPress admin panel.

Localization Tools. Language sources

1 Step — Download the product you want to localize from your Crocoblock Personal Account

Download the product you want to localize from your Crocoblock Personal Account. Unpack this product and navigate to the languages folder of the unpacked product. Find here the .pot-file for translation.

alt text: pot files for translation

2 Step — Download Poedit for free from the official website: Download — Poedit

Run this program.

poedit free software

Navigate to the file> NEW form POT/PO file and choose the pot file you need to translate. Press the “Open” button and select the translation language from the drop-down menu. 

pot-file for localization using poedit

3 Step — Save the newly created files to your hard drive and mark the language for translation

For example, the localization file for JetElements in German should look like jet-elements-de_DE.po.

Adding the localization files to the website

After creating the translation, add the file with the localization to your site. To do it, first, access your server using an FTP client. 

1 Step — Open the directory with installed WordPress and navigate to the wp-content folder

Then create a new folder named languages inside it. Here you should add the localization (e.g., the JetElements plugin).

Find the folder with your WordPress site in the Remote site section. You can create the plugins folder inside the languages directory (the full path should look like wp-content/languages/plugins) and here upload the localization.

localization file transferring

Applying localization files to the site

1 Step — Open WordPress Dashboard and proceed to Settings

Here specify the website’s language.

website’s language settings

2 Step — Navigate to the Plugins directory in the WordPress Dashboard

Click the “Add New” button, search the Loco Translate plugin in the plugin search box and then click the “Install Now” button. The last step is to Activate the plugin.

loco translation plugin adding

Besides, users can download the Loco Translate plugin free from the WP plugin catalog.

3 Step — Find the Loco Translate plugin on the WordPress admin panel and navigate to the category of products you need to translate (i.e., Themes or Plugins).

Then find the product you need to localize in this category.

loco translation plugin categories

4 Step — Configure some settings and set the path to the localization files now uploaded to your server

loco translation plugin language choosing

Press the “Start translating” button to complete the translation.

That’s all about site localization. Now you know how to localize the Crocoblock products and create translations in the language you need.