Crocoblock Alternatives

JetBooking + JetEngine
+ JetSmartFilters
$69 - $142
$249$79 - $199
Create property pages
Custom content types like posts and pages. Use them to structure the website content and make it visually perceptible.
Expand the custom post types. Add as many meta fields as you need for the CPTs to look informative and neat.
Present the product/service availability as neatly organized catalogs.
Categorize the custom post types according to any classification criteria.
Create custom lists of posts, taxonomy terms, users, and tune the visual display of every desired item. Manage the items using database queries like meta values, taxonomies, authors, etc.
Flexible layouts:
Deliver the listing items as a set of scrollable slides.
Standard layout with the manageable number of columns and listing items per page.
Adjust the height and location of the columns within a listing.
The ability to display the alternative listing items within the main listing.
Allows searching for the items to book depending on their availability.
Add a calendar to the single page and let users know which dates are available for booking and which are already booked.
Build a booking form and customize it top to bottom: fields, layout, style settings, etc. Get all user details you need and process the orders from the backend.
Establish the periods that are meant to be booked.
Allows booking a stay on a weekly basis.
Allows booking a stay on a daily basis.
Allows booking spots/equipment/services on an hourly basis.
yes, with JetAppointment plugin
Manage rates ($)
Set the price variation according to a number of booked days: the longer the stay, the lower the per-night rate.
The opportunity to set different prices for the same property depending on a number of guests.
Per nights - the last booked date is not included.
Per days - the last booked date is included.
No info
Additional booking settings
Determine additional services or specials coming optionally, which can raise the service’s initial price.
Configure a minimum required timeframe before making a booking and before canceling it.
Payment integration
Synchronize the schedule, automate the processes, and add hooks to the booking form.
Google Calendar
The ability to send automatic booking confirmation emails with all the details a user might need to feel secure.
Step-by-step Wizard functionality to manage the booking settings fast and easy.
Added value
Advanced Filtering

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Updated 23/07/2020

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