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What you can build
Organize projects, products, photos, and images into a grid gallery.
Build grids of categories, related articles, and latest posts.
Showcase the products from your shop.
Grab the info about events and display it in a concise grid.
Gather the preferred videos into one media gallery.
Adjustable rows, columns, and spacing
grid layout example
masonry layout example
slider layout example
carousel layout example
list layout example
post tile layout
listing injection layout example
map listing layout example
calendar listing layout example
Create a personalized grid with no limits using Custom Grid functionality.
Custom grid functionality
Define the number of columns of the backing grid to make it wider and add more post cards.
Pull the card by its corner and resize it freely.
Move the card along the backing grid easily.
Set the number to make the space between the cards wider or narrower, or to remove it at all.
When this toggle is not enabled, you can place the post tiles anywhere on the grid. And if you turn it on, the posts will be automatically aligned to the top.
Apply the spinner to define the loadable content and change its appearance.

JetGridBuilder includes all custom grid functionality. Click here to download free

Apply one of the pre-designed layouts to organize the cards into a clear-cut grid.
only 9 layouts for JetBlog Post Tiles
Card styling
Adjustable height and width.
Add various elements to the card like title, description, image, button, link, tag, etc.
Pull out any user data, data from the custom post types, meta fields, taxonomies, and display it dynamically on the frontend.
Reorder the elements on one card freely.
Roll the cursor over a tile to see the overlay content.
Navigation options
load more option example
pagination option example
navigation arrows example
dots navigation example
Content sources
Showcase the post types in the form of a grid according to your vision.
Display the available taxonomy items as a grid, respecting their hierarchical relations.
Show the array of created categories in the form of a list.
Present the existing user profiles as a clear-cut listing.
Arrange the pages in the form of a grid.
Organize the grid of created product cards.
A personal data repository for every end-user. Store any post collections such as wishlists, favorites, likes.
Meta Box
WPML Multilingual plugin
Yoast Seo plugin
Math Rank Seo plugin
More Features inside JetEngine Plugin
Create custom content types like posts and pages. Use them to structure the website content and make it visually perceptible.
Create the database tables storing CCT metadata. Query and export data faster to save server resources.
Expand the custom post types. Add as many meta fields as you need for the CPTs to look informative and neat.
Categorize the custom post types according to any classification criteria.
Create and manage any global website data in one place like company address, or phone number.
Interrelate different custom post types by choosing the relevant type of relations.
Dynamic Visibility, Conditional Logic, Dynamic Function, Dynamic Tag, Macros and Queries
Account Pages, Registration & Login Form, Profile Page, Restrict Admin Area Access, Front-End Post Submission, Post Publishing Rules by Roles, Permalinks Structure, Sample Profile Pages
Rest API Endpoint Management for CCT, Rest API Listings, Rest API Notifications/Actions for Forms
Ability to create a set of Meta data and use it as a source for options in any CPT, form and filter.
Set complex queries on the backend and apply them to posts, users, terms, comments, SQL tables, REST API.Set complex queries on the backend and apply them to posts, users, terms, comments, SQL tables, REST API.
Display posts, products, users, comments, terms CCT and REST API data in a dynamic tables.
Add dynamic charts to your site with all the neccessary numeric data from posts, products, users, comments, CCT.
More Features inside JetBlog Plugin
Display the recent post titles with continuous animation to make it look like a news ticker.
Updated 01/09/2021