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From advanced filters to AJAX search, custom fields, booking, and eCommerce functionalities – our dynamic plugins leverage Bricks Builder possibilities for WordPress.

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ajax search and booking calendar for bricks made with crocoblock plugins
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Superpowers for Bricks Builder

filters for real estate websites made with crocoblock plugins

Enable advanced filtering
for Bricks Builder

WooCommerce product filter

Allow users to easily refine searches by product price, color, or size.

Real-time AJAX sorting

Use a quick AJAX filter to display real-time results without reloading the page.

Efficient navigation through pagination

Improve navigation by incorporating pagination for smoother and faster page loading.

Search and filter plugin

Elevate your site’s search functionality with a customizable filtering architecture.

Discover JetSmartFilters
ajax search tool made with crocoblock plugin

Unleash instant AJAX search
without page reloads

AJAX search for Bricks Builder

Enable advanced dynamic searches with real-time results.

Smart suggestions

Simplify text input for users by providing search phrase suggestions

Detailed statistics and analytics

Analyze the users' on-site search behavior to tailor the product offerings better.

Advanced search for WooCommerce

Enhance product discovery on a WooCommerce site using top search functionality.

Discover JetSearch
booking calendar made with crocoblock plugin

Book and rent daily services

Seamless booking for Bricks Builder

Book hotels, tours, weekend stays, cars, and more through one versatile plugin.

Booking for WooCommerce

Offer a complete solution merging product sales and appointment scheduling.

Google Calendar integration

Automate user bookings by syncing with Google Calendar and Gmail.

Seasonal pricing

Set varied prices for guests based on seasons, offering more flexible booking terms.

Discover JetBooking
hourly appointment functionality made with crocoblock plugin

Schedule appointments
by the hour and minute

Appointment booking system

Empower clients to self-schedule appointments as per the set business hours.

Medical service scheduling

Simplify online appointments for doctors, services, specialties, and more.

Appointment system for small businesses

It is ideal for spas, salons, and other specialized businesses.

Zoom meetings

Integrate Zoom into your scheduling system for online meetings and consultations.

Discover JetAppointment
rentals display and database created with crocoblock plugin

Create advanced custom fields
and dynamic content

Dynamic descriptions and prices in custom fields

Control options, sizes, prices, and more in one place.

Various dynamic pages and posts creation

Generate any post and content types rapidly and efficiently.

Advanced Listings

Present products and services in visually appealing displays and by categories.

Map Listings

Display shops and businesses on a map tailored to the user's geolocation and provide additional information for each.

Discover JetEngine

More Opportunities from Using Bricks Builder
and Crocoblock Combo

Create personal profiles

Easily implement a profile builder in your eCommerce project, clinic, or multivendor marketplace.

Filter by category

Simplify content discovery. Enable users to explore specific categories effortlessly with a category filter.

Visualize any data

Generate dynamic charts and tables to present complex data in a user-friendly visual format.

Post and category filter

Simplify content discovery and provide a personalized browsing experience by using post and category filters.

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yannick garcia

Yannick García

La Máquina del Branding,
WordPress Trainer

JetPlugins changed the web development paradigm with WordPress. They broke down the barriers that made it impossible for someone without advanced coding knowledge to create web pages handling complex dynamic data. As a trainer of thousands of Spanish-speaking users, I can say that JetPlugins has become the primary tool for any web developer, regardless of their level, to be able to offer digital business solutions to their clients.

abdul muqsit

Abdul Muqsit

Digital Marketing Specialist

Crocoblock is an absolute game-changer! Its extensive collection of tools and features allows for seamless website building and customization. The user-friendly interface and pre-designed templates make it easy for me to create stunning websites without coding expertise. The excellent customer support and regular updates add to the overall fantastic experience. I highly recommend Crocoblock to anyone looking to enhance their WordPress website-building process!

haim benisty

Haim Benisty

Web Designer & WordPress Expert

As a web designer and WordPress expert for 15 years, I can say without a doubt that Crocoblock plugins upgraded my career! They gave me the wings to build advanced and expensive websites without coding. There is almost no site where I don't install at least one JetPlugin. Thank you for a life-changing product.

Trusted by 24K customers on Facebook Community
4.9 stars based on 900+ reviews on Trustpilot