Frequently asked questions

Pricing & licence
Which products are included in Crocoblock subscription?
Depending on the subscription type you’ve purchased, you might get four different product sets perfectly fit for your purpose.
The Design set fully suits for creating webpage designs and styling all kinds of content. It includes 8 powerful plugins.
The E-commerce set will be perfect if you’re looking for the products to boost your online store or even build it from scratch. It includes 4 more plugins along with the ones needed for design.
The Multitool set is the best choice if you’re looking for the tools to build a website with the complex structure, custom post types, post relations, and taxonomies, need to add a booking form or want to work with dynamic functionality. The package includes all the plugins for design as well as JetEngine and JetSearch.

There’s also an all inclusive Lifetime subscription plan that includes all the products available at Crocoblock.

All the plans represented above include a free Kava theme, a set of pre-designed demos and popup templates within JetPopup plugin’s library, and come with premium professional support.
Please, note, that with time the list of the plugins and the functionality of the packages will be extende
What are the technical requirements needed to use Crocoblock?
Please, make sure all the requirements listed below are met in order for Crocoblock products to work smoothly:
  • PHP 7.2 or higher;
  • MySQL 5.6 or higher;
  • WP memory limit of 256 Mb or larger;
  • SSL certificate on the server;
  • TLS protocol versions: 1.0, 1.1 , 1.2 , or 1.3.
Is it possible to use the products from Crocoblock subscription to create websites?
Yes, you can use the products from Crocoblock subscription or acquired as separate items to create the websites for end-users. Please, note, that the terms of using the products from Crocoblock depend on the license type you’ve acquired. However, you shouldn’t pass your account details or the license keys to any third-parties.
In how many websites can I use Crocoblock?
In case you’ve acquired the Single Yearly license type, it allows using products from Crocoblock only on one website for one year.
In case you’ve been using Crocoblock subscription on the staging website, and now you need to transfer it to the live website, you can do it by deactivating the license for the staging site and activating it on the live website.
The Yearly Unlimited license allows using the products from Crocoblock in an unlimited number of websites for one year.
The Lifetime Unlimited license makes it possible to use the products from Crocoblock in an unlimited number of websites.
What happens after the license expires?
After the subscription license expires the website built with Crocoblock products will keep working. However, it will be impossible to use the templates library, access any new plugins.
The plugins installed on the website will continue to receive all the important updates.
It’s not recommended to make any changes in the ready website you’ve created with Crocoblock if the license is out of date.
What should I do if my license will expire soon and I intend to continue using Crocoblock?
First, make sure you’ve got enough money on your credit card in order for the system to automatically charge you and prolong the subscription license.
In case there is no money on the credit card, the license won’t be prolonged automatically.
You’d have to be aware that if you need to continue working with Crocoblock products, you’d have to prolong the license manually.
Another option is to cancel the existing subscription and purchase the new one and use it.
How the products included in Crocoblock subscription receive updates?
As long as the subscription license is active you get all the new products, that are included in it, as well as updates for the existing products. The updates can be made manually as well as using Crocoblock dashboard.
Is it possible to upgrade the license at Crocoblock?
Yes, you can upgrade a license at Crocoblock by paying only the difference between the price of the license you’ve got and the price of the license you want to purchase.
How can I upgrade my subscription?
If you have any Crocoblock subscription (Design, Multi-Tool or E-Commerce) you can upgrade to All-Inclusive Lifetime automatically via your Crocoblock account. If you have a subscription for 1 website (Design, Multi-Tool or E-Commerce) but want to upgrade to unlimited websites, contact Crocoblock support. If you have a single plugin and want to upgrade to any other Crocoblock subscription, please, contact Crocoblock support.
How can I prolong my subscription if I have an original one (Single Annual, Unlimited Annual)?
You can renew your subscription by the same price you bought it.
How the charges for the subscription are taken?
The subscription involves recurrent payments.
The yearly subscription allows using the products included in it during one year from the date of purchase. When the year ends, the charges are taken to prolong the subscription automatically.
If you’re using a lifetime plan, the charges will be taken only once, and you’ll be able to use the products from the subscription and receive all the updates without any additional payments or charges taken.
Can the subscription be canceled?
Yes, the subscription can be canceled from your personal account at Crocoblock. In this case, no recurrent charges will be made anymore. You won’t be able to use Crocoblock products as well.
Does the license allow to resell the items from the subscription?
No, it’s not allowed to resell or distribute the products included in Crocoblock subscription. The license also can’t be resold or distributed.
Is it possible to use the single items acquired from Crocoblock in creating websites?
Yes, it’s possible. You can use the separate single plugins acquired from Crocoblock to create websites according to the license specifics (the Single Yearly license allows to use the plugin on one site, the Yearly Unlimited license allows to use the plugin on any number of websites).
Will I be able to use support services after purchasing a single plugin?
Yes, the support services are provided for the single plugin you’ve purchased. Make sure to keep the license key safe as it’s needed to log in into the support system.
Can I resell the single items I’ve acquired from Crocoblock?
Reselling and distributing the items that were previously bought at Crocoblock is strictly prohibited.
Can I include the plugins into the themes I intend to sell on the marketplace?

No, it’s prohibited. Crocoblock products can’t be included and resold in the marketplace as a part of any theme.

What are the technical requirements that should be met to use a single plugin?
The technical requirements for single items are the same as the ones needed for the whole Crocoblock subscription. Please, carefully check them before you start using Crocoblock:
  • PHP 7.2 or higher;
  • MySQL 5.6 or higher;
  • WP memory limit of 256 Mb or larger;
  • SSL certificate on the server;
  • TLS protocol versions: 1.0, 1.1 , 1.2 , or 1.3.
Is it possible to get the Croroblock license by paying the difference between the already purchased standalone plugins and the subscription price?
No, it’s not possible. You’d have to purchase the license separately. However, if you’ve got a subscription and want to upgrade it, you can do it.
Who can use support services?

Every customer from Crocoblock can use the support services for the products he’s acquired from Crocoblock in the form of the subscription or as separate items.

In which cases the support services are provided?
The support services are provided in the following cases:
  • you’ve faced an issue caused by any of products provided by Crocoblock and need assistance to solve it;
  • you find it difficult to work with the functionality provided by products from Crocoblock subscription and need guidance or assistance from the support team.
What are the working hours of Crocoblock support team?
Crocoblock support team works on business days 9 AM – 7 PM (UTC+2) without breaks.
What is the average estimated answer time?
The average estimated answer time from Crocoblock support team is 24 hours (1 day). However, in most of the cases, the support agent responds in 1-2 hours.
In some cases, a more detailed investigation is needed, and the support agent will inform you that the solution needs time to be implemented by developers.
In this case, the response time will depend on how quickly the developers will provide the needed fix.
In which languages the support services are provided?
The support services can be provided in these languages:
  • English;
  • Ukrainian;
  • Russian.
If any other language is used, our support agents will do their best to understand the message, but the response will be made in English.
What information can be requested by the support team?
In order to speed up the process of work on the ticket, please, consider providing the following information in a private ticket:
  • website’s address (URL);
  • login credentials (username and password);
  • FTP access;
  • a link to the page where the issue has occurred.
This will help the support agent investigate the issue more quickly and add fixes if there’s a need directly to the website. Also, it is important to add a detailed description of the issue, the screenshots capturing the issue.
What cases are not covered by the support services?
Please, note, that no matter how hard we want to help you, sometimes we are not able to do it. We won’t be able to provide help in case:
  • there are no access details and our team can’t reproduce the issue from our side;
  • there’s a compatibility issue with a third-party product, that doesn’t support Elementor page builder;
  • the server’s or website’s parameters don’t meet the recommended requirements necessary for Crocoblock products to work and the client is unable to change the settings to recommended ones;
  • the issue happens in the browser which is not supported by Crocoblock products and Elementor;
  • the license for the product has expired, or the client has got a refund from Crocoblock;
  • the question asked is not related to Crocoblock products acquired from Crocoblock’s official website;
  • the question features additional customization and functionality not provided by Crocoblock products (in this case it is recommended to add a feature request).
We apologize, but we won’t be able to help you in the cases listed above.
Refund Policy
What are the terms or receiving a refund?
You can receive a refund during the first 30 days from the date of purchase. This can be done via your personal account at Crocoblock.
Can I get a refund for a single item acquired from Crocoblock?
Yes, it’s possible to do from your personal account at Crocoblock. The refund can be made during the first 30 days from the day of purchase.
How can I become an affiliate?
Crocoblock is happy to welcome all the new affiliates! To join the program you’d need to have a website, where you should be able to add a unique affiliate link to Crocoblock to be visible for all the visitors.
Please, fill in the form to join and start earning money for new clients at Crocoblock!
What steps should I take to start taking part in the program?
  • Access your Crocoblock account and proceed to Affiliate area > Creatives. Download banners from here.
  • Generate an URL in Affiliate URLs located in Affiliate Area and embed it on your website to make the visitors notice it.
  • When the potentially interested customer clicks on the banner, he’s redirected to Crocoblock.
  • You get 50% of each successful purchase made by the customers that came from your site.
What steps should I take to start taking part in the program?
Yes, you’ll receive 50% from each successful purchase made by the client who was redirected from your site via the affiliate link.
Note: affiliate commission doesn’t apply to the license upgrades.
When will I get the earned money?
The minimum payment that can be processed is $100.
Usually the payment is made during the first 5 business days of the month that comes after the month which covers the 30 days money-back guarantee. Only after the guarantee expires the purchase is considered to be successful.
Our affiliates get 50% of every successful purchase.
What payment system should I use to get the money?
Crocoblock team makes payments using PayPal. This means you need to have a valid PayPal email address assigned to your account to receive the payments.
Where can I see that I see how much I’ve earned?
You’ll be able to see it in your account in the Affiliate Area located in the Payouts section.
If I have a personal discount code for my audience, will I get money for purchases made with it but without my affiliate link?
No, you’ll get commissions only if a purchase made via your affiliate link.

Note! All personal Crocoblock discount codes are connected to relevant affiliate links. It means that a discount code can be used only if a customer is redirected to Crocoblock website via your personal affiliate link.