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$29 - $79$25Free, $29 - $99$29 - $79
Preferred coding proficiency level
NoneNonerequires certain coding skillsNoneNone
Types of menu
Get the menu to be spread out horizontally from left to right or vice versa.
Align the menu vertically so it goes from top to bottom.
A three-line icon that opens to reveal a navigation menu once you click on it.
A menu that appears in another menu, often identified by the arrow next to its name.
Allows displaying a second menu bar on the same page and working with both menus simultaneously.
Create a mobile mega menu, whose look and feel is totally different from its desktop version.
Create menu structure
Organize the content inside the menu into tabs and place them above, below, or left/right of the content panels.
Break up the menu items into columns and organize the content inside them.
Organize content inside Columns
listing grid widget in the mega menu
masonry grid in the mega menu
slider widget in the mega menu
Make all mega menu content boxes the same height.
Types of content you can add
image widget in the mega menu
svg icon widget in the mega menu
product description in the mega menu
product category widget in the mega menu
banner widget in the mega menu
video widget in the mega menu
audio widget in the mega menu
portfolio widget in the mega menu
contact details in the mega menu
social media icons in the mega menu
advanced map widget in the mega menu
contact form widget in the mega menu
Insert any Elementor template into any part of your mega menu to achieve a mixed layout.
Add any Elementor widget to display the needed content within your mega menu.
Display dynamic content
Pull the data from the specified source and display them using the set style and content settings.
Create custom queries for displaying the dynamic posts feed.
Mobile responsive menu
Showcase dissimilar menu items on desktop and mobile devices.
By adding this feature, you’ll let users with a touch screen to close the submenu.
The ability to place the menu toggle in any part of the screen.
Hide certain menu items at different viewport sizes to ensure the best user experience.
Set responsive menus based on existing or custom Elementor breakpoints
Add unique content in mobile menu
Add any Elementor widget to display logos, banners, social media icons, contacts, etc. in the header.
Add breadcrumbs to help your visitors easily navigate the multilevel menu.
Pin the templates with Elementor widgets below the mega menu.
Intended for hamburger and mobile menus
Covers your content by sliding from the left or right border.
Covers the page within the edges of the menu container.
Shifts the website content down in proportion to your menu height.
Intended for hamburger and mobile menus
For Vertical Mega Menu
Move Up
Move Down
Move Left
Move Right
For Hamburger Mega Menu
Styling options
Set different background colors for menu items.
Opt for it to make the mega menu more visible on the page.
Style the outer borders for the main menu bar and the inner ones for submenus.
Adjust the font size and style.
Adjust the padding for top, right, left, and bottom sides of the menu section.
Place corresponding icons to any menu item.
Add custom badges to any menu item.
Choose a style and color for drop-down arrows.
Select the animation effect for submenu tabs.
Advanced managing options
Saves and keeps all the style settings, which can be later used for multiple menus.
Save the custom menu settings that you can export and apply to any website.
Rolls the style settings back to default.
Additional features
Allows you to load the data for the mega content without page refresh.
No info
Apply any styles from the mega menu style options.
Display different menus for different pages on the same website.
yes, with a paid pluginyes, only through coding
Make the nav menu always visible to site visitors even when they scroll up and down the page.
yes, with JetBlocks >yes, with a paid plugin
Add a corresponding icon for immediate access to the shopping cart.
yes, with JetBlocks >
The opportunity to query a sign-up form right from the menu bar.
yes, with JetBlocks >
Let users sign in by clicking the link in the navigation bar.
yes, with JetBlocks >
Embed a login form in the mega menu bar.
yes, with JetBlocks >
The ability to change the site logo in the mega menu section.
yes, with JetBlocks >
Help your visitors find the focus and navigate the multilevel menu quickly.
yes, with JetBlocks >

*All these elements can be sourced from a third party (WooCommerce, Elementor Pro, etc.) and embedded through Elementor editor or shortcodes.

Updated 01/11/2021

Our table compares the five largest products in the Mega Menu niche: Clever Mega Menu, Ubermenu, Max Mega Menu, WP Mega Menu, and JetMenu.

It is immediately striking that the price of all products is practically the same and simultaneously quite democratic – from $25 to $29.

It might seem that all plugins for creating Mega Menu provide approximately the same functionality. And in general, it is. However, if you look closely, you will get a little more for the same money in some cases.

For example, horizontal, vertical, and submenus are among all plugins' features, but not all provide more advanced ones, such as the Hamburger menu, Secondary menu, and Desktop-independent mobile menu. Only JetMenu provides the complete set.

Regarding the types of content you can add, here, all plugins' capabilities are almost equal. By choosing any of them, you can use every conceivable type of content in the mega menu. The only exception is Ubermenu that does not yet support audio and video formats.

I would also like to draw your attention to the Mobile Menu. All plugins support basic functions like an opportunity to change the menu items, but the additional bonuses differ for each product. For example, only JetMenu allows you to customize the Breadcrumbs and Footer area, and also it is the only plugin that can shift the website content down in proportion to your menu height.

When choosing a plugin, pay attention to the functionality for building a site and the managing options too. For example, if you want to display different menus for different pages on the same website and not pay for another extension, JetMenu is also the only solution here to choose. Why is this cool? This gives you maximum control over the content and optimizes the site loading.

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