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$89 - $299$99 - $249$59 - $249$89
Manage Appointments
Add different services and configure individual duration, price, and other parameters.
Assign multiple providers, their dedicated profiles, and the calendar to display their time slots.
Adjust the default schedule with working hours for all the services in one place.
Define custom availability rules for each calendar date or specific hours and set holidays & days off.
Arrange the buffer time between appointments: for extra time to get ready for the next service session.
Increase or decrease the number of available spots for a specific time slot.
Allows adding group appointment bookings, thus several appointments can be arranged in a group.
Set minimum time before appointment slot, so the customer still can book the appointment.
Show up the available, booked dates, days off and appointment capacity in a calendar directly.
Appointment Forms
Build a one step appointment booking form and customize it top to bottom: fields, layout, style settings, etc. Get all user details you need and process the orders from the backend.
Allows filling the information in several small steps in the form and helps to organize the form better.
Make the submission messages fully custom. For cases when the form is successfully or failed to submit etc.
Pick and set the needed Post-Submit Actions and Notifications Settings after the user submits a form.
Google Calendar
Dynamic Website Structure
Custom content type by analogy with post and page. Manage the website’s content and make it structured.
Expand the custom post types with the 18 meta field types. Add them to the CPTs to display attributes.
Сategorize the Posts Types, products and pages according to any clasification characteristics.
Interrelate posts from CPT and CCT, users and taxonomy terms choosing the relevant type of relations.
posts only
posts only
posts only
posts only
grid layout example
slider layout example
carousel layout example
list layout example
masonry layout example
listing injection layout example
map listing layout example
calendar listing layout example
Hide one part of the listing under a corresponding button/widget and showcase it on demand.
Adjust the per-page navigation to switch between the different pages of the listing fast and freely.
A guided Wizard helps to set up the schedule, add fields to the forms, customize Providers & Services fast.
More Features inside JetEngine Plugin
Create the database tables storing CCT metadata. Query and export data faster to save server resources.
Create and manage any global website data in one place like company address, or phone number.
A personal data repository for every end-user. Store any post collections such as wishlists, favorites, likes.
Dynamic Visibility, Conditional Logic, Dynamic Function, Dynamic Tag, Macros and Queries
Account Pages, Registration & Login Form, Profile Page, Restrict Admin Area Access, Front-End Post Submission, Post Publishing Rules by Roles, Permalinks Structure, Sample Profile Pages
Rest API Endpoint Management for CCT, Rest API Listings, Rest API Notifications/Actions for Forms
Set complex queries on the backend and apply them to posts, users, terms, comments, SQL tables, REST API.Set complex queries on the backend and apply them to posts, users, terms, comments, SQL tables, REST API.
Display posts, products, users, comments, terms CCT and REST API data in a dynamic tables.
Add dynamic charts to your site with all the neccessary numeric data from posts, products, users, comments, CCT.
Ability to create a set of Meta data and use it as a source for options in any CPT, form and filter.
ACF, Toolset Integration
Yoast Seo plugin
Math Rank Seo plugin
Updated 01/09/2021

What is the must-have functionality to build an appointment booking website? Let's figure it out by comparing five standalone solutions - Appointment Solution by Crocoblock, WooCommerce Appointments by BookingWP, BirchPress, Amelia, and Bookly PRO's packages.

Manage appointments

Appointment Solution by Crocoblock comes at a fixed yearly price – $69 for One project and $142 for Unlimited projects. It consists of three perfectly matching plugins, which are JetAppointment, JetEngine, and JetSmartFilters. Thanks to this combo, it's possible to create websites where services are booked on an hourly basis. Crocoblock Appointment Solution covers a bunch of appointment settings like working hours, days off, buffer time, capacity rules, support for multiple services and providers, customizable calendar labels, multi-step forms, automatic confirmation, booking Wizard, and more.

Priced at $69, Bookly PRO is the closest to Crocoblock in terms of functionality despite lacking such settings as custom calendar labels, booking Wizard, and multiple locations support. It offers though multi-day scheduling, timezone conversion feature, backend appointment booking, and staff management & login functionality.

Amelia's appointment booking package comes for $59–$249. Of all the previously mentioned features, it lacks multi-day scheduling, custom calendar labels, and multi-step forms.

BirchPress offers the same range of appointment settings as Amelia except for booking Wizard and timezone conversion. To get it, you'll have to pay $99–$249 depending on the number of projects you need it for.

BookingWP is the least functional solution; it provides no booking Wizard, no multi-step forms, no backend appointment booking, no support for multiple providers or locations, and no custom calendar labels (only color can be changed). The price for this package varies from $89 to $299.

All five appointment booking solutions can be integrated with WooCommerce and PayPal.

As to synchronizing bookings with third-party services, Crocoblock supports four – Google Calendar, Integromat, Zapier, and iCal. WooCommerce Appointments and Bookly PRO can be synced to Google Calendar only. Amelia supports Google Calendar and Zapier (via a webhook). The BirchPress's solution can be synced to iCal and Google Calendar.

Dynamic website structure

An appointment booking website is impossible without service and providers pages, as well as dynamic content blocks. Crocoblock Appointment Solution embraces the key dynamic features one needs when building an appointment scheduling site. These are meta fields,custom post types,listings,taxonomies, flexible grid layouts like slider, masonry grid, and even alternative templates for listing items. It also supports custom template creation, which can be applied to providers and services pages.

WooCommerce Appointments by BookingWP offers the same basic dynamic features such as taxonomies, CPTs, meta fields, listings, and alternative templates for listing items. However, it suggests neither listing layouts nor custom page templates.

As to Amelia's appointment booking solution, it embraces basic dynamic elements including configured CPTs but that's it.

Bookly PRO offers as much functionality as Amelia except for taxonomies and listings.

Of all the previously mentioned dynamic components, BirchPress offers just ready-made custom post types.

Multi-step appointment forms

All the enlisted appointment booking solutions support the setup of availability search (advanced filters) and creation of appointment booking forms, although only Crocoblock and Bookly PRO allow building multi-step forms.

The functionality described here lets you create full-fledged appointment scheduling websites be it a doctor appointment site, virtual barbershop, spa salon, etc.

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