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How to access the pre-designed landing pages from the default Kava theme’s skin

Get to know how to access and use landing pages which are provided in the Kava theme’s skin. Landing pages from the other are available in the Magic Button library as well.

While exploring Kava Pro templates on Crocoblock site, you might be wondering how to add these landing pages to your site. There is Kava Light skin which you can install to get them all or insert the pages from this skin separately.

The aim of this tutorial is to show where you can find these pages to add them.

Kava theme’s landing pages in the Magic Button library

Step 1 — Open the page to which you want to insert pre-made landing page with Elementor and click the Magic Button.

Magic button on Elementor page

Step 2 — Navigate to the Pages tab in the top bar.

Step 3 — Then, scroll down and find the pre-designed landing page that you have chosen in the Kava Pro templates.

Pages tab in Magic button

Step 4 — You can click each of the templates in order to zoom them and preview the design. After you’ve chosen a landing, click the Insert button to import it from the library to the page.

Page's preview from the Magic button

That’s pretty much it! Feel free to use all the benefits of the Magic Button library.