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How to save and access the pre-designed section templates

In this tutorial, we will teach you how to access the pre-designed section templates, and save the section templates you’ve created in the library with the help of JetThemeCore plugin.

With the help of JetThemeCore plugin, you can access all kinds of pre-built pages which are completely ready for use, in order to create pages on a move. Besides, you can not only create impressive pages but enrich them with the stylish content effortlessly using the pre-styled section templates.

Accessing the pre-designed sections

Step 1 — Open the page you want to edit with Elementor page builder.

Step 2 — After that, click Magic Button to open the pre-designed sections.

Step 3 — Open Sections tab and you will see the left-hand menu where the ready-to-use section templates are stored.

Sections tab in Magic button

Step 4 —You can preview each of them if you wish in order to select the best one.

Step 5 — Then, click the Insert button to upload the section you’ve chosen to the page.

How to save the section’s template in the library

If you want to save the section in a library to access it quickly next time, you just need to click the Clone to Library button, and it will be saved in the My Library tab.

Actually, that’s pretty much it! Now you can add as many ready-to-use templates as you wish.