How to add an external product in WooCommerce to showcase affiliate links

Online store building requires specific knowledge of how to use WooCommerce plugin and its functionality. From this tutorial, you’ll learn what is an external product in WooCommerce.

An external product in WooCommerce is a perfect way to redirect the customers from your site to another one, where they will make a purchase. In case, you are an affiliate you can add the external product to your site and don’t care about taxes and shipping. Also, learn how to add product variations from this tutorial.

Creating external product

Step 1 — Go to the Administration Panel and navigate to Products > Add New.

Step 2 — Fill in all the necessary fields, set product categories and tags.

Step 3 — In the Product Data dropdown select an External/Affiliate product option.

Step 4 — New fields will appear immediately underneath. Enter the product URL in order to make redirection possible on button click.

Step 5 — Also, enter the Button text to make the redirect be clear to understand. The customers should be informed that a purchase will be made on another site.

Step 6 — Click the Publish button and view the external product you’ve just created.

This is cool, isn’t it? Now you are able to add external products by yourself!