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How to create a sticky column with JetTricks

This tutorial is dedicated to creating a sticky column with JetTricks plugin. Keep reading to learn how to use sticky option.

Sticky Column is a pretty useful functionality which comes with JetTricks plugin that allows making the column “sticky” when you scroll the section. You can use Sticky Column option to capture the certain content, leaving it within the viewer’s line of sight, while he’s exploring other sections of a block.

This tutorial will help you to create a sticky column using JetTricks plugin. So let’s walk through this process.

Creating a Sticky Column

Step 1 — First of all, navigate to the Page which you want to enrich with sticky column and click Edit with Elementor button to proceed.

Step 2 — Then, create New Section and fill it with the content you need.

Step 3 — After that, click on Edit Column > Advanced Section > JetTricks section. Here you can see a Sticky Column option and you have to toggle it to “yes”.

Advanced settings for JetTricks plugin

Step 4 — Also, you can customize Top Spacing and Bottom Spacing according to your needs and choose on which devices this effect is gonna be applied.

Step 5 — Finally, click the Publish button and jump to the Preview to enjoy the results.

Sticky Column widget for Elementor

Now your Sticky Column is ready. Hoping you’re already enjoying the results!