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How to customize the placeholder text shown in the Search field in JetSearch plugin for Elementor

This tutorial reveales the process of customizing the placeholder text inside the AJAX search bar which is a part of a huge Jet widgets family.

How to set the placeholder text according to your needs?

Step 1 – Open the page where you want to add an AJAX search form with Elementor editor.

Step 2 – Find AJAX search widget and drop it to the page’s canvas.

Step 3 – If you open the Content settings block you can change the placeholder text to whichever you want.

Step 4 – In order to customize its appearance, move on to the Style > Input Field directory and click the Typography section.

Step 5 – Moreover, you can set the needed font in the Family dropdown list.

Step 6 – To change the size of the text, move the Size toggle or click NumericUPandDown.

Step 7 – In order to change the weight, transform, style or decoration navigate to the respective dropdowns.

Step 8 – Besides, you can change the space between letter moving Letter-Spacing toggle.

Step 9 – You can also set the line height in the Typography section.

Step 10 – Don’t forget to click the Update button in order to save the customization.

That’s pretty much it! Placeholder text should match the AJAX search element’s purposes, and now you can easily change it.