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How to enable search only for specific taxonomies using JetSearch plugin for Elementor

This tutorial is going to reveal hot to find out how to enable search only for specific taxonomies using JetSearch plugin for Elementor.

Specific taxonomies enable the user to look for the specified information. As for the developer or page creator, this option helps to order the search results with a specific area, such as a certain category or the definite format as well. Let’s dive deeper with the help of JetSearch widget.

Now we’ll look into the inner structure and learn how to set the needed options.

This tutorial includes information about enabling search algorithm for only selected taxonomies. As a result, it will show the results from posts only or pages. It depends on your setting choice.

What shall I do to add a specific taxonomy for search results?

Step 1 – While working with Ajax Search widget you should go to Content > Search Form block and enable Categories List.

Step 2 – After showing the list you might see Taxonomy dropdown with needed terms, such categories, tags, formats.

Search form tab

Step 3 – A little below you can see the field called Select Placeholder where you can fill in the form with appropriate text which will be shown.

Here you are. Save all changings and enjoy the result!

how taxonomy settings look like on site

Pretty easy, isn’t it? Now it’s possible to classify your search content with any parameter you want to!