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How to import skin with Crocoblock Wizard

In this step-by-step tutorial, we’ll show the true colors of the process which implies how to import the preferable skin with the help of Crocoblock Wizard plugin.

You may have created an amazing website and then downloaded it to your hard drive. Now, you are using Crocoblock super-power package and it becomes as simple as ABC to keep using the preferable skin where you want to imply Crocoblock features.

Let’s start learning more about the process of skin importing.


If you’ve already performed full installation or partial Jet Plugins installation with the Crocoblock Wizard and need to use other abilities, go to WP Dashboard and proceed to the Tools > Crocoblock Wizard option.

The other way is to navigate in WP Dashboard to the Plugins > Installed Plugins option and under the title of the Crocoblock Wizard one click to the Start Page button.

If you haven’t yet installed the Crocoblock Wizard, follow the link to read our tutorials on how to make the full installation and Jet Plugins’ one only.

If you wonder, how to export the preferable skin, follow the link devoted to this topic.

How to export the skin

Before you start the installation, make sure, that you’ve previously exported the desirable skin on the hard drive and have it stored in the format of .zip archive. Read more about how to export skin with Crocoblock Wizard in the tutorial.

1 Step – Go to the start page of the Crocoblock Wizard plugin and click here the Import skin button.

Crocoblock Wizard plugin start page

2 Step – On the Upload your skin page you should drag and drop the skin file into the areas or click the Select File button and find the skin file in your hard drive.

Crocoblock Wizard skin selection

3 Step – Then, the prototype of the selected skin will appear.

Crocoblock Wizard selected skin prototype

On the screen, there is a default prototype because we are installing the one we exported (read in the previous tutorial about it) and there in the General Settings we left the Demo URL and Thumbnail URL fields empty.

If you doubt whether the uploaded skin is the right one, you may Cancel this installation and upload the new one you like the most. After you selected the suitable skin, then run the installation process by clicking the Start installation button.

4 Step – After that, on the Configure plugins screen, you should check the plugins into the Required plugins block where there are the plugins that go with the selected skin or the ones you specified while exporting the skin.

Crocoblock Wizard Configure plugins

The next block is Extra plugins one where there are additional plugins available for the installation. Specify here the needed ones and continue the installation process.

Crocoblock Wizard Extra plugins

5 Step – Then, there will be the installation of the plugins. You can see the process of the installation of each one.

Crocoblock Wizard installation progress

6 Step – Next you should do is to decide, where you append the demo content to your existing content or replace it.

If you need to add the content to the existing one, please, choose to Append demo content to the existing one.

In case you want to install a new content instead of the existing one, choose to Replace your existing content with the demo one.

Everything created before selecting to Replace existing content will be dropped forever, so make sure you agree with these terms.
Crocoblock Wizard Demo Content import

Alternatively, you can Skip the demo content installation. After you’ve made your choice, click the Continue button.

7 Step – After your choice, the importing of sample data will start. You will see the process to view if it is completed or not yet.

Crocoblock Wizard sample data importing

8 Step – Then, the thumbnails will be regenerated. You will see the whole process as well.

Crocoblock Wizard regenerating thumbnails

That’s it! You can find your newly imported skin in your WP Dashboard after navigating to Crocoblock > My library > Skins option.