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How to sell services using WooCommerce

Feel free to use the instruction below to find out how to sell services using WooCommerce.

What does it mean to sell services using WooCommerce? It means that a seller provides services personally to each customer, so selling a service cannot be fully automated.

How does it work? Firstly, a customer visits a website and views a list of services. Secondly, he orders one of the services. Finally, a seller contacts a customer to provide the service.

Selling services

Step 1 — Open the WordPress Dashboard and select the Products tab.

Step 2 — Click the Add New button and set a title, description, tags, categories, images, etc. for a product.

Step 3 — Then, proceed to the Product data section and set Simple product type for this particular product.

Step 4 — Afterwards, tick the Virtual checkbox as shipping is not needed for this type of product. You can also allow visitors to download the product and tick the Downloadable box.

Step 5 — Switch to the Inventory tab and uncheck the Manage stock? option.

Step 6 — Navigate to the Publish block and click the Publish button.

That’s all for now. Have fun!