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How to set the Search only for specific post types with JetSearch plugin for Elementor

This tutorial explains what steps you need to take to set the Search only for specific post types with JetSearch plugin for Elementor.

Sometimes you want to arrange the Search results so that in the corresponding field there are posts only. It’s easy to perform especially with JetSearch plugin. All you need is to follow the next manual.

Preliminary settings

Step 1 – Head to Content > Search Settings block. Here you can add some settings for the arranging of search results. You are able to adjust the number of results to be shown on the page. It’s possible to set the needed value in an appropriate field. In this field, you need to set down the number of results presented in one page while looking at results.

Navigation to settings in editor

Step 2 – Moreover, you have an ability to range the results by the chosen parameter, such as data or relevance, etc.

Posts selection

Step 1 – Navigate to Content > Search Settings block and find here Search in option. Here you have two default alternative options to choose between.

Step 2 – You have to click on the Posts one. After entering the request the customer will see the rank of posts of the selected type only.

Front-end appearance of search results for specific post types

Well done! As you can see this setting is as simple as ABC. Now you can make it real to set the search for posts only.