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How to sort the search results by relevance using JetSearch plugin for Elementor


This step-by-step tutorial will take you through the process of sorting the search results by relevance using JetSearch plugin.

If you have posts from different categories or tags, it might be essential to sort them in order to show the most essential content above the less essential one. As a result, the least important posts will be shown on the last pages.

JetSearch plugin makes it possible to sort the search results by relevance without any difficulties.

This tutorial lets you understand deeper how to arrange the search results in the order we want to use them.

Arranging the search results by relevance with JetSearch plugin

Step 1 – Firstly, check the existence and relevance of the necessary keywords in posts that you want to be shown.

posts option in wordpress dashboard

The keyword density helps you to set the order of the posts. It is significant to save the logical algorithm for relevant results.

To show the result as the first one in the list, prove that it contains the necessary keywords in the:

  • title;
  • content;
  • excerpt.

To show the result as the next one in the list, add the keywords in the:

  • content;
  • excerpt.

The less relevant results should also contain the keywords. If you add the keywords to the content only, the excerpt or the title it will definitely reduce the importance of the result and it will be shown below the more relevant ones.

Step 2 – Secondly, go to Elementor editor and search for the Ajax Search widget. Drag and drop it to the needed section.

ajax search widget

Step 3 – Then, in the Content > Search settings dropdown > Sort results by choose the Relevance option.

search settings in ajax search widget

Step 4 – You are able to filter search results using either descending or ascending order in the Content > Search settings > Filter results by dropdown.

ajax search widget

Don’t forget to update the settings!

That’s pretty much it! Sort your posts as you wish!