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JetBlocks extensions. How to set a column order

Reading this tutorial will help you to grasp how to set a column order in JetBlocks extensions.

JetBlocks plugin allows the user to add settings in the blocks of the site. One of the settings is a column order. It is used if you have three or more columns in your section and you want to change their order.

Let’s start setting a column order!

WP Dashboard settings

Step 1 – Navigate to the WP Dashboard and look for the Elementor > JetBlocks Settings option.

Step 2 – On the left side panel choose the Available Extensions tab.

Available Extensions

Step 3 – Now you should tick the Column Order Extension option.

Elementor Editor settings

Step 1 – Open the Elementor Editor and select the section where you want to set a column order. You need to have a section with three or more columns to set them.

Step 2 – Choose the column where you want to change the order. Then click Edit button.

Column Order = 0

Step 3 – In the Layout tab you will see Column Order select menu where you are able to set the order you want to.

Now you see how this option works.

Column Order = 2


Now you know how to range the columns with the built-in function in settings!

Thanks for reading!