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JetBlog. How to create the post tiles carousel from the JetBlog Smart Posts Tiles widget

This tutorial uncovers the way of creating the post tiles carousel using Smart Post Tiles widget from JetBlog plugin.

To create the post tiles carousel you will need JetBlog plugin first. With JetBlog you can enrich the website’s content with multiple modules for blog pages, and liven up your site with different dynamic modules.

Smart Posts Tiles widget is devised to show your content in a stylish and eye-catching way.

You will learn how to create the post tiles carousel with Smart Posts List widget. Let’s dive in into the process!

Creating the post tiles carousel

Step 1 — Firstly, log into your WordPress Dashboard and create a page where you want to add the post tiles carousel, or you can add it to the already existing page. Then, edit the page with Elementor.

Find the Smart Posts Tiles widget on the left sidebar and drag it to the needed section.

Step 2 — The posts tiles layout is the default form of Smart Posts Tiles widget, however, you can customize settings for displaying posts in the most beautiful and stylish way.


Step 3 — To create the carousel, you need to navigate to Query&Controls settings and Enable Carousel. You can choose the Number of Slides, Autoplay, Autoplay Speed, and Show Controls Arrows.


Step 4 — Also, you can change the appearance of your posts tiles in the Style settings.


Step 5 — After you’ve completed with all settings, click the Publish button to save the changes.


Now you’re know how to create the post tiles carousel from the JetBlog Smart Posts Tiles widget. Hope this tutorial was useful!