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JetTabs Switcher widget for Elementor. A tool to switch between section templates within one block


This tutorial explains how to enable a tool to switch between section templates within one block with JetTabs switcher.

Switcher widget of the JetTabs plugin is an important tool if you have two different sections that you want to compare. It can be prices, posts, images, or any other type of content.

The essential elements of this widget are navigation toggles that allow a user to switch between the installed templates.

How to add a new template

First of all, you should create two templates that are going to appear after enabling or disabling the navigation toggles.

Step 1 – Open the WP Dashboard and proceed to the Templates link.

Step 2 – Now you have two alternatives: to create a new template or add a new one.

Templates option

If you will create a new template follow Step 3. If not, skip it and go directly to Step 4.

Step 3 – After clicking on the corresponding button you will see the screen where you have to choose the type of the template: the Page or Section one. Decide on your own which type would be the best and select it. Set the Name and click on the Create button.

Choose Template type

Step 4 – Come back to the Elementor editor and search for the Inner Section widget. Drag-n-drop it to free space on the page and save the settings with Publish button.

How to add the Switcher

Now when you’ve created the template it’s time to set the Switcher widget.

Step 1 – In the Elementor editor, you should drag the Switcher from the left side panel and drop it into your working page. Update the changes.

Switcher widget

Step 2 – Next, go to the Content > Items tab. Look for your template in the same-named dropdown menu.

Switcher settings

Step 3 – After selecting the template, it’s possible to make some edits if you want to change something.

Step 4 – Add the necessary template for the disabled switcher either.

Step 5 – After all these settings it’s time to go to the Content > Settings tab. Here you are able to choose which option would be shown as active: enable or disable one (they can be named differently at your account, but the principle is the same).

Step 6 – In the Settings tab, you can also apply the required settings for animation effects of the switcher.

Switcher widget how it works

Step 7 – As you know from the previous tutorials or your own experience, in the Style tab you set the general options to make your widget look catchy.

You see how it is easy!

Now you’ve coped with switching between two sections.