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Popup library. How to pick the pre-designed popup and apply it to the site

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Reading this tutorial will help you to grasp how to pick the pre-designed popup from the Popup Library and apply it to the site with the help of JetPopup plugin.

As you might know, with JetPopup plugin you can create popups that suit your needs and specific goals.

You have an apportunity to attach the popup templates to various widgets, create popup in Elementor, set specific popup triggers and change appearance and conditions of the popup.

In Popup Library, you can select the pre-designed popups that can be used as presets for your new popups.

This easy-to-follow tutorial will teach you how to choose the pre-designed popup from the Popup Library and apply it to the site.

Picking the pre-design popup

Step 1 — Firstly, navigate to JetPopup > Popup Library section in the WP Dashboard. Here you will see a lot of ready-made popups that you can use as presets. There is an additional filter option, where you can sort presets by date or name, or display the most popular popup templates.

filtering popup templates

Step 2 — Also, you can sort popups using the Categories option. All you need to do is to toggle the corresponding category.

filtering popups by categories

Step 3 — After that, click +Add button to start editing this popup template.

Step 4 — Afterward, you will see the popup window where you’ll have to confirm your intention to create a new popup template. Click Yes to proceed.


Step 5 — You’ll be redirect to Elementor, where you can change the appereance of your popup according to your needs and set different multiple popup conditions.

Now you know how to apply the pre-designed popup to the site using JetPopup plugin. Congrats!