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How to Create Instagram Access Token

How to Create Instagram Access Token

JetElements Instagram widget provides an easy way to display your actual Instagram photos on your WordPress site in real-time. Find out how to do it.

So, you have an Instagram profile, which surely contains a lot of information and pictures? Do you want to make all of it visible to your website’s visitors? Then, the Instagram widget of the JetElements plugin meets your need.

There are two options for displaying photos supported by this widget: you can either showcase the photos with a certain tag, or you can choose My photos option to pull the photos from your account.

Instagram settings

As displaying the photos from third-party accounts is restricted by Instagram policy, you should know how to get permission to display Instagram images. In order to access your photos and prove you’re the owner of your account and allow using the photos and all the content on your site, you’d have to set the Instagram Access Token first.

What’s an Instagram Access Token?

The Instagram Access Token is a typesetting of characters unique to your account that admit other applications access to your Instagram feed. If you haven’t got a token yet, your website will be unable to connect with the Instagram servers. The token furnishes a secure way for a website to ask Instagram’s permission to get at your profile and display its images.

How to get my Instagram Access Token?

Follow this step-by-step tutorial to get your Instagram Access Token successfully.

knowledge base information icon
Before getting your Access Token you have to register as a developer in Facebook and to receive Instagram App ID and Instagram App Secret. Please go to Facebook as an administrator and follow the steps below.

1 Step — Create a Facebook App

On the Facebook for Developers page, click the My Apps menu item.

facebook developers page

You will be redirected to the next step. Click the “Create App” button.

create app button

In the appeared pop-up window, select the last option – None.

select an app type

Fill in the fields in the opened form and click the “Create app” button.

provide basic information
knowledge base information iconNOTE! Do not select a “Business Manager account” option in the Business Account drop-down field.

Proceed to the Security Check and enter your account password.

2 Step — Add Instagram App

You will be redirected to a page offering to add a product and continue the setup. You need the Instagram Basic Display option. Click the “Set Up” button.

instagram app

Here you will get detailed information about the Basic Display, Permissions, and Use Cases.. Read it, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click the “Create New App” button.

facebook new app

In the newly opened pop-up window, give a name to your app and click the “Create App” button.

new app id

3 Step — Configure Instagram Basic Display

Now we are ready to continue the Instagram Basic Display setup. On the left side of the screen, you will see the Dashboard; go to Settings > Basic.

basic settings tab

On the main screen, you will see the Instagram App ID and Instagram App Secret fields. They are pre-defined by Facebook.

You need to type in your app’s name, domain, email, etc. Select “Business and pages” in the Category drop-down list. Choose the “Yourself or your own business” option in the App Purpose block. Once everything is done, click on the “Save Changes” button.

knowledge base information iconATTENTION! It’s recommended to use https extension.
Instagram basic settings

4 Step — Add an Instagram Test User

We’ve reached the stage where we’ll create a Test User on Instagram. Go to the Dashboard > Roles.

roles tab on the Instagram sidebar

Scroll down to the Instagram Testers block and click on the “Add Instagram Testers” button.

instagram testers

In the appeared pop-up window, you need to specify the Instagram account, which will be your Tester User’s one. For this tutorial, we selected our account, but you need to use your own.


After clicking the “Submit” button, an invitation will be sent to this Instagram user.

Instagram testers added

Open a new web browser window to go to Instagram and sign in to your Instagram account. Navigate to the Settings block.

instagram account

Go to Apps and Websites on the left panel and find the Tester Invites tab. Accept the invitation you’ve previously sent.

accept invitation

Your Instagram account is now eligible to be accessed by your Facebook app.

Instagram invitation accepted

5 Step — Get Instagram Access Token using App ID and App Secret

After you successfully added a Tester and passed validation through Instagram, go to the Products tab in the left-side Dashboard. Click on the Instagram Basic Display drop-down list and select Basic Display.

basic display settings

On the main page, go to the Client OAuth Settings and insert the

ouauth settings

In the Deauthorize block, insert the URL which users will be pinged if someone tries to uninstall apps via without interacting with the app itself.

deauthorize callback url

In the next block – Data Deletion Requests – insert the URL.

data deletion request url

Scroll down to find the User Token Generator block and hit the “Generate Token” button.

user token generator
knowledge base information iconATTENTION! Make sure you are logged in to the Instagram account, which is your Tester User’s one.
token generated

Congratulations! The token was successfully created.

Copy it and proceed to the next step.

Adding Access Token to the Plugin Setting

Navigate to WordPress dashboard > Crocoblock > JetPlugins Settings.

jetplugins settings

Unfold the JetElements tab and proceed to Integrations.

jetelements settings

Scroll down to the Instagram section, paste your token into the Access Token field, and click the “Save” button.

paste the access Instagram token

All done! Now you can go back to Elementor and use the Instagram widget to display photos from your account.

Instagram widget

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